SCEE Dismisses PS Vita UK Release Date

Retailer ShopTo has put up a landing page for PS Vita, citing a November 4th release date for the hardware and £40 price points for the games.

However, Sony haven’t announced any dates or prices yet, claiming that ShopTo’s details are “just speculation” and presumably an attempt to get people to drop down a pre-order.


Games listed on the site include WipEout 2048, Super Stardust Delta, Resistance, Monster Hunter Portable, Killzone, Modnation Racers, BioShock and LittleBigPlanet.

We’ve played on the console (and sampled the games) – read here to find out what we thought.



  1. Think the game prices seem a tad high. If this is the case I will only buy a few games for use when I’m “on the move”, and stick to PS3 games. Although the pricing isn’t confirmed…

  2. I don’t care! honestly, I’ve never been this excited about a new bit of tech before ;D

  3. I’d like to see a price range of £20 to £35, depending on the title – £35 for the AAA stuff like Uncharted, down to £20 for the also-ran titles… you know, like CoD… ;-)

    • I also don’t think the UK will see the system before march next year.

      • March is the absolute lastest. Sony wants it out everywhere by the start of their next financial year.

  4. I got an email from ShopTo last week stating the price and release date but in the small print it said that they were both ‘subject to change’.
    I hope the game price is wrong or it could put people off buying the Vita.

  5. Games will be roughly £25-£30 at launch I’m guessing, like they were with the 3DS. I can’t see Sony justifying a price hike, especially as numerous PS3 and other home console titles now retail a similar price too.

    • Pretty much all the games I have seen when my missus has been looking for the 3DS are all over £30 and some close to £40.

      • Yeah they are all about £40 except ‘FIFA 12’ and an ‘Ultimate Ninja’ game which are about £25.

      • Really? A quick look at CheapArseGamer and Frugal Gaming tells me almost all the 3DS games so far have popped up at £15 over the last week or two. Who buys retail nowadays? ;)

  6. November 4th? optimistic, if thats the case, then there will surely be limited supplies around the world, rather than plenty in some areas.

    On a side note, does anybody know if the 3G model will accept Pay as you go sims? even if it has to be unlocked, because I’ve found giffgaff!

  7. I personally won’t pay anything over £30 for a game for the Vita. If all games end up being priced at £40 ish I won’t bother and I’ll just stick with my PS3.

  8. Be the same as 3ds prices… anything else and they’d be losing out, guessing that’s how their planning to deal with such a low price point on the PsVita

  9. Is the killzone game new or has it already been announced?

  10. Yeah, already preordered one. Totally excited.

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