New ‘The Cursed Crusade’ Sizzle Trailer… Sizzles

Japanese game developer ‘Atlus’ have released a new trailer for one of their latest projects, The Cursed Crusade. When I first laid eyes on this game I couldn’t help but get Assassin’s Creed out of my head. While it’s obvious the two games have some similarities, when watching this trailer I found myself thinking less about AC and more about when I could finally play this game.

It’s looking pretty sharp but don’t take our word for it, check out the trailer for yourself. You can expect to get your hands on The Cursed Crusade sometime next month on PS3, Xbox 360 or Steam.

Source: YouTube



  1. I’ve been following this game for a while but I had no clue this will be a PSN title. This new movie looks pretty good, although I’d love to see some more gameplay.

    • It’s not – sorry. Not sure what I was thinking but it is coming on a disc.

      • This is good news – So many of my PSN titles simply get neglected for boxed titles!

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