What We Played #6

Many of Nintendo’s recent ‘celebrity family playing Nintendo’ television adverts have been pretty cringe-worthy. That only made it all the more surprising when the latest turned out to be quite charming.  Even the longer exposition is quite watchable.  By now you should have a good idea what most of the 3DS-toting staff (except Dan) have been wandering around the Towers playing this week.

That’s right, we have been playing the new 3DS remake of The Adventures of Robin Hood.  No, hang on, that’s not right.  We have been playing that other game where the protagonist lives in the forest, dresses in green and wields a bow, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

[drop]First to succumb was Blair, who we discovered wandering the Tower’s stairwell late one night crying out “Zelda. ZELDA. ZELDAAAA.”  Though not before he had completed has ‘good’ run through New Marais and been dazzled by the “absolute blast” which was Beat Hazard Ultra.

Zelda: OoT is his “favourite game ever” so Blair’s opinion of the game could have gone either way, it could be a brilliant, well-handled update or a ravaging of a treasured game.  So how did that turn out?   “It’s excellent”, he says “it has been upgraded really well”.  I was able to glean one concern before he descended once more into the Shadow Temple, “I am getting through it rather fast”.  The cause though is that it is his “billionth playthrough” and he has “memorised every step Link takes”.

Hey!  Listen!  You’ll never guess what Alex has been playing this week.  That’s right, I was as shocked as you undoubtedly are to learn that he’d “been playing Zelda on the 3DS pretty much non-stop”.  Despite conducting a yearly ocarina-accompanied pilgrimage to Hyrule, transported there by his trusty Epona N64 he’s still enjoying the “wonderfully deep, involving game” and revelling in the 3DS remaster’s enhanced graphics and play-anywhere-ability.

Moving down the enjoyable scale somewhat we reach Alex’s dabbles with Child of Eden.  He offers the view that it “doesn’t feel as consistent or as well defined as Rez, and I don’t like a lot of the visuals, they feel a bit cheap and nasty”.  While it’s good it has yet to really grab him.

Reaching rock bottom on his enjoyable scale we find the “absolute shambles of a game” that is Duke Nukem Forever.  It seems he can find no redeeming features at all within the game:

It starts poorly, using tired FPS mechanics and terrible pacing, but manages to get worse and worse as the game goes on.  The level design is poor, the visuals are a total mess and the game’s little tricks, like the remote control buggy when you’re shrunk, are executed so badly I had to force myself to get past them.   DN3D is one of my all time favourite games, but Forever is horrible.

Dan has also been playing waiting for his copy of Zelda to turn up, having been let down by an online retailer who neglected to comply when it came to delivering it.  Fortunately, he was able to find some solace in the “sublime”, “amazing” and “fantastic” Child of Eden.  He gave his 3DS some exercise with Naruto Shippuden 3D – The New Era, which he says is “less fantastic” and he has also just started playing the “mental” Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.

[drop2]Like the majority of us (Dan being a notable exception) Matt has been adventuring through diverse environments.  He however swapped his green tights for some N7 armour and Epona for the Normandy to take his PS3 out for a spin around the Mass Effect 2 universe.  Having already played, beaten and regretted selling it on the 360 he says it has been great having most of the DLC included from the start; “Experiencing the world in its most realized form has been truly awesome.”

Tuffcub has been stabbing his way through Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood which he says is all good except for the annoying “don’t be detected” missions.  He suggests they are the 2011 equivalent of the “instant death by falling into a pit of spikes” feature that games of yesteryear frequently sported.

He and Hubby have been co-op-ing their way through the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean demo which was such fun the game now features right near the top of the to-buy list.  Something else surprisingly near the top of TC’s shopping list is Bombay Mix which it turns out is this week’s kitteh kraving.

There have been more co-op shenanigans happening in Toby’s household as he and a mate have been blasting their way through the zombie apocalypse Dead Nation style.  The fact he says that it is “much better when played with two people, as you can coordinate your fire and make the harder difficulty modes that little bit easier to handle” suggests that they weren’t drinking enough while playing.

All my gaming time this past week has found me clutching my 3DS in hand too and running through the same forests and dungeons as everyone else (except Dan).  Unlike the others though it is the first time I have played OoT.  As an Ocarina noob am I enjoying it?

Put it this way, it has kept me off my PC, PS3 and 360 this week.  Not only that but the activity log on my 3DS, which tells me that I do not normally play any games on it for more than about 25 minutes at a time, says my Zelda sessions are averaging about an hour and a quarter.  It’s good.  Very, very good.

Did your copy of Zelda (unlike Dan’s) turn up on time?  If not Zelda, what else have you been playing this week and what are you hoping to spend your upcoming weekend gaming time playing?



  1. My Zelda sessions have been about 4 hours each O_o

  2. Gran Turismo 5 (still) and Brotherhood for me. Finally unlocked the Red Bull X1 Challenge, so no doubt that’ll take up most of the next week, and then I just have a couple more missions to do to get 100% sync in Brotherhood before delving back into the multiplayer.

  3. I spent several enjoyable hours playing DNF last night (sorry alex :))
    I also played a few hours of BG&E which is really quite wonderful, almost didn’t buy it again but so glad i did, even the music is great.

  4. Zelda for me this week, though I’m not really enjoying it at the moment. Having not played the original, a lot of the mechanics, etc feel archaic and the lack of signposting is really getting on my nerves. Shame as I had such high hopes :(

  5. with that subheading, somebody’s got to post this.

    • Where do you think the first link in the first paragraph takes you? :)

      • yeah.. i knew that. >_>

        really, it wasn’t because i’m lacking when it comes to paying attention or anything like that.

        wait, i’ve got it.
        it was so awesome i had to make sure it was posted again.

        yeah, that sounds good, let’s go with that. ^_^

  6. Poor Dan!

  7. I’ve played quite a lot recently. Probably the only good point about having your leg in a cast.

    LA Noire is where most of my time has been spent. Flawed, repetitive, but utterly engrossing too and I’m having a lot of fun with it.
    With inFamous 2, I managed around 5 hours before I couldn’t take any more and I posted it back where it came from.
    Yakuza 4 has been played a little, no surprises with that one if you’ve played a Yakuza game before.
    And I’ve been trying to tidy up my games list to create a bit of space so I’ve also played, completed and deleted the 5 Monkey Island episodes, Red Johnsons Chronicles, Puzzle Agent: Nelson Tethers (which is brilliant), Blue Toad Murder Files and Streets of Rage 2.
    Played some Shank (deleted, it’s just not fun and it also takes up a pretty brutal 2gb) and some Explodemon too, which I’m not particularly impressed with either.

    There’s been a few other things involved but I don’t want this to get too comprehensive or I might accidentally put my breakfast routine and my shoe size.

    • I’ve been wondering about that Puzzle Agent game , liked the look of it and with your recommendation i think i’ll add it to my list but i might hold out for a special offer.

      • Yeah, it’s an excellent little game but it’s certainly priced a little too high. I hope it receives a special deal.

  8. Killzone 3 and LA Noire for me. I have been enjoyed the both sets of DLC in the past two days and overall just love both games. And im gradually getting my way through Elite on KZ3, not as hard as i thought :) Also i completed Enslaved this week (i think….) and ive had the occasional game on skate2 and fifa. Next week im hoping to get in some playtime on crysis 2 and GT5

    • please forgive my awful grammar, “i have been *enjoying”, never too good with the tenses :L

  9. Played through American McGee’s Alice last weekend, but I’ve not started Madness Returns yet. Through the week I’ve mostly been playing Dungeon Seige 3. I bought NFS Hot Pursuit from the PSN store on wednesday, but I’ve only had a brief shot, and I also picked up Where the Wild Things Are for 8 quid on thursday (which I’ll probably play through at some point next week).

  10. Red Faction: Armageddon kept me busy this week. It’s not bad, but it’s no Guerilla…

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