4 Million for TSA’s Top Folder

So Today marks TSA’s 4th birthday, but that’s not the only thing that’s reached 4 over the past 24 hours. No it’s not our [email protected] team, that didn’t come about until about July 2008, but it still is something to do with our Folding team, more specifically the person who heads our leaderboards, RedStarGlow. Multiply that four by 1 million and you get how many points he reached early this morning. Now, if you don’t pay close attention, you won’t know that that’s about the same amount of points as the next five top, all-time folders, put together, which is a truly staggering amount.

But that’s not all RedStarGlow should be celebrating, he’s also folded his way into the top 5,000 folders in the world.

So let’s all congratulate RedStarGlow for his personal achievement. TSA’s Folding at Home team is now in the top 500 worldwide, if you’re not involved yet then please sign up for the team (78731) and get folding!


  1. Congrats for supporting the greater good.4M is quite an achievement.

  2. Well done. Thats freakin’ huge!!

    • thats what she said! Lmao sorry i couldn’t resist :p

  3. Well Done RedStarGlow, that’s quite an achievement.

  4. Well done, we’d like to know what processors are capable of such staggering monthly figures RedSatr Glow.

  5. Highly commendable all of you.

  6. Erm sorry, what is folding?

  7. Well done RedStarGlow! Keep it up =]

  8. Truly awesome contribution RSG!

  9. Amazing RSG, all for a good cause!

  10. Now thats impressive folding! Tell me RedStarGlow, have you ever considered origami?

    • I only got as far as paper airplanes.

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