Meet the Reader: Crazy_Del

Hello again. This week we’re going to be meeting Crazy_Del. Before we get started, it didn’t come up in the course of the interview, but I’d like to wish Del and his lovely (gaming!) fiancée a wonderful wedding day on the 8th of July!


We’ll start, as usual, with the first trio of questions: Who are you, how old are you and from whence do you hail?

My name is Derek Parker. I am 25 years old. I live in Clydebank, Glasgow.

Where did your screen name come from? Are you actually clinically insane?

Erm. Hold on… *goes away to ask the Doc about your question*

I’m known for being crazy by a lot of my friends, as I used to be a skateboarder and have done numerous Jackass style stunts. Del is short for Derek so it’s Crazy Del, for doing crazy stunts back in my younger days! I like doing daft crazy things really, got into trouble a lot.

I couldn’t imagine doing that kind of stuff myself. Did you put any of it on video? Any fireworks shooting out of your bum?

Well it was before Youtube was launched, but yes there are a few videos. Two of them are skating and one of a daft stunt. Fireworks I actually put in a bin. It totally wrecked the bin and I had to do a runner!

Just so long as it wasn’t a cat you put in the bin, I doubt anyone would really mind! Do you still get out on your skateboard much? How else do you spend your free time away from TSA and gaming?

Sadly no, due to my job it’s important I don’t break my leg or arm. I really miss skating, but I stopped about 6 years ago because I got my job. I am an artist myself, I have drawn numerous pictures and would be happy to show you some.* I do still play footy three times a week, though.

I go out alot in the Cathouse or the Garage with my mates for a piss up. I also love movies in cinema and on Blu-ray, and I’ve got over 500 DVDs.

Johnny Depp’s lovely eyes, as drawn by Crazy_Del.

That’s a pretty big collection of films! Obviously you’re going to have some favourites from that, but what’s the worst film you own that you’re most embarrassed by?

Haha, let me think. Miss Congeniality, for the embarrassed part, but it’s not the worst.

Go on then, what’s the worst you’ve got?

It has to be Alien vs Predator Requiem. Or Garfield.

Is there a particular compulsion to buying these… less than fantastic films?

Well Sandra Bullock, wow! As for Garfield, I would never ever watch it again.

OK, so now that you’ve thoroughly shamed yourself, what’s your favourite film?

Favourite TV box set is Prison Break, and my favourite movies are Scent of a Woman and Armageddon.

Lets move on to gaming. What was your first experience with gaming?

My dad bought me and my two sisters a Mega Drive. We’d wanted a Sega, as we played it at my cousins when we were little. When we got it we would spend hours and hours on Alex the Kid, and a few weeks later we got Sonic too. It was fantastic, and we also played Streets of Rage, Mega Man, World Soccer, and Monaco GP.

Then I got a Super Nintendo for my birthday later on and played whole range of games. Super Mario was one of my favourites and Mario Kart as well. I bought an N64 for myself and I spent hours and hours on Goldeneye with 4-player splitscreen all the time. I loved playing Duke Nukem on it too.

My sisters got a PS1, so I also got to play Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3, which became my favourites. I then got a PS2 myself and PS3 a few years later on.

I still own all of these consoles, except the N64 which I sold for PS2 games like Metal Gear Solid 2.

With 500 DVDs, I’d expect nothing less than to have kept all your consoles too.

I’m a collector, Tef, and I keep things that were important to me with fond memories.

Do you have much family competition with games these days? Or has the interest waned a little?

The interest has gone now. Both of my sisters and I always played Mario Kart for a bit of competition, but now they both own just a Nintendo 3DS, with no interest in home gaming console like Wii, 360 or a PS3.

*Because of copyright concerns, all you get to see of Del’s artwork are the eyes of Johnny Depp.

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  1. A great read, and a great member too! In response to the CoD Zombies, you are welcome! That was probably my most treasured gaming moment for quite some time, seeing Nate fire a bolt into your ass and watching you run into a horde of crawling flesh eaters! Good times…

    Although I understand your reasons for giving up the trophy side of things, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. One of the things that always spurred me on was to look at your collection on PSN, in the hope I’d have a trophy you didn’t, realise that was a foolish thing hope for, and carry on playing! Still, I respect your decision and maybe I can do some catching up now ;)

    • Cheers Mike and blackredyellow, I have to agree that CoD was the most treasured gaming moment, had barrels of fun and laugh trying to get a bow on everyone’s arse lol.

    • What can I say? No matter where I aim, I always seem to find the ass (ooh Matron!).

      Really interesting to read you can lip read the LA Noire faces, it’s good but I hadn’t realised it was that good!

  2. Interesting read! Nice to meet you del. Didnt know you were deaf, same as a lot of people on here probably. Somehow I pictured you with long hair, and expected you to look like otto from the simpsons, only without the jaundice. Good luck for you wedding fella. looking forward to OpFlach Red river co-op soon! Also love your game collection

    • Seconded on the wedding. Hope it’s a great day for you both mate.

    • Yup, I didn’t realise Del was deaf either, until we were talking a few minutes before the interview. I thought he just didn’t have a headset, or something. :)

    • where does it mention hes deaf?

      • It’s on the second page of the interview, a couple questions below his trophy card. Are you blind, or something?!

        *Badum-tisch!* :P

      • BOOM! lol

  3. haha great read, i havnt checked out the boosting thread but you cant stop on 62 plats, its just too many :L im really enjoying these meet the reader and staff articles :) 500 dvds is quite a lot, im on about 300 or more i think, but “AVP reqium” is not the worst film i have seen out of my collection. Mine would have to be “Cloverfield” (bloody motion sickness from that). And my favourite film is tied between “Inception” and “Catch Me If You Can”, as you can tell i do like di caprio. Also i found Terminator Salvation a really enjoyable plat on coop, one of the best coop games i have played, honest!! And i am with you on golden eye on N664, i used to go over my friends house to play it all the time :)

  4. Good to meet you Del, an enjoyable read. One glance at your trophies is enough to make me give up too :p
    Best of luck to you and your missus-to-be!

  5. Wicked read :D

  6. Nice read, hope the wedding goes smoothly and you have many happy years ahead!

  7. That’s a beastly amount of trophies…. I think I have about 3% of that….. Bronze. :D

  8. Lovely to meet you, Del. Funny and fascinating to read about LA Noire. That must’ve been quite the pleasant surprise.

    Best of luck with the wedding.

    Great article too, tef. :-)

  9. Good read, nice to hear that you can lip read in LA Noire, I can’t really imagine myself in your place, but good luck for the wedding!

  10. good read and nice to know a little more about u Del=)
    quite funny how u can lip read L.A Noire, must be wierd feeling cause there is no other game out there where u can make out full sentences just by reading lips…
    and good luck on the wedding m8 and may you, two, live happily ever after (fairytale style=)

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