Ex-Call Of Duty Respawn Tease New Game

Jason West and Vince Zampella, the two leads previously behind Infinity Ward and now Respawn Entertainment, have launched their new site, along with a teaser image for their new game.

[drop]The self confessed “creators of the multi-billion dollar Call of Duty franchise” say their game is multi-platform, based on a new IP and funded via publishers EA.  It doesn’t give much away, that’s for sure.

The image, left, is the only shot we have of whatever Respawn are working on, and it’s so blurry it’s next to impossible to get anything meaningful from it.

I see Orthanc, but that’s just wishful thinking – you probably see something else entirely.

The site also welcomes the studio’s new community manager, Abbie Heppe, whose introductory blog was previously plagued with sexist comments the likes of which we thought were isolated to those on YouTube, but has since been cleaned up.

It also appears that Respawn have managed to snag a few artists over from God of War 3 developers Sony Santa Monica.


  1. Dall of Cuty?

  2. Orthanc wouldn’t lead to a new IP, but it’s a nice idea.

    • Technically it’s a new ‘videogame’ IP so could well be a new LotR offshoot. Especially given the publisher.

    • It looks too green around the towery thing to be Orthanc IMO, but imagine; Call of the Ring!

      • Orthanc was green before Saruman went mad and became Sauron’s puppet. He had lush extensive gardens. I think it doesn’t look like it because the ‘mountain’ on the right looks too steep and not snowy enough :P

      • I was not aware of that, guess that’s another reason to get reading the books already :-)

      • Fair enough. It might be. Or you could just pay attention in the first film! :P (although it’s only green for a tiny part of one scene if i remember rightly)

      • I have not seen the films since they where new, I know, it’s crazy! I’ll be buying the blu-ray collection soon to change that. LOTR is awesome, but I really don’t think Respawn is making a game based on it.

  3. OMG! that sceenshot is amazing! *__*

    lol, jokes, its blurry to fook. Looks oblivion’y

  4. Groovy =)

  5. It looks like a lush environment with some mountains in the background, a somewhat clouded sky and a building in the centre… Thats all I can make of it.

  6. Did anyone else see West’s biography on the site. Hehe

  7. I see dinosaurs…..ill get my coat….

    • Me too, mate, you’re not alone…

    • You’re not the first one to think that. There’s speculation that it could be a dinosaur.

    • That was what I saw! Please be an apatosaurus.

    • Oh I so hope this game has Dinosaurs in it.

      Yes Dinosaurs needs a capitalization due to their sheer awesomeness.

    • Loch Ness Monster Hunter?

      • I thought Loch Ness monster too.

  8. its a screenshot of harry potter what else? :p (dont get it than dont pester with what do you means lol)

    • “(dont get it than dont pester with what do you means lol)”

  9. I know it may be just me, but doesn’t that central “tower” looks like the head/neck of a Brachiosaurus?

    • Nevermind that. Just checked the image on respawn’s website (it’s less blured…), and it’s definitely not a dinossaur. It appears to be a factory…

      • I think it looks a bit like the Eiffel Tower. Especially if you look at the base

  10. It looks likes there’s a building in the photo, but I can’t work out what the hell it is.

    • I agree – looks like a large industrial building with a sloping roof and chimney stacks…

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