“I Am Alive” Still Alive

Remember I Am Alive, Ubisoft’s much-delayed, previously 2009 title?

Well, apparently it’s not dead, despite being under the radar for ages – the game has been granted a 15+ certificate by the Australian cert board, suggesting that it might actually be quite close to release.

You’ll remember the rather silly backwards and forwards over rumours that it was a download-only title earlier this year, but our first story on the game was from way back in January 2009 which described the game as a first person disaster sim.

“Every once in a while, you’ll see a teaser trailer that just catches your curiosity,” said a certain DJHSecondNature.

Via MCV.


  1. I was also really interested in this but time wears the patience thin!

  2. ZZZ, take your time Ubisoft. This is different. It must not fail

  3. Wow, back from the (apparently) dead. This always had a look of awesomeness about it. Ubisoft seem to have a really solid year or two ahead of them too. Very impressed.

  4. Ubisoft Nordic recently announced that they’ll be doing “The Black Eyed Peas Experience”, so I’ve lost faith just a tiny bit.

  5. Yeah I remember that trailer really piquing my interest at the time. http://www.iamalivegame.com still has a 2008 copyright notice at the bottom, not that that necessarily suggests anything either way.

    Fingers crossed it does make the light of day; I think it’s a really neat concept.

  6. Who is this DJH person? He sounds odd. Kill it with fire.

  7. I. Am. Alive?! lol

  8. looked like it would be good, but i can’t see the first person view helping the gameplay.

    unless of course it’ll just be a standard fps set in a post apocalyptic city.

    wow, that sounds familiar and disappointing.

    i’m assuming a game set in an earthquake ravaged city will involve a bit of climbing, and that kind of thing never works well in first person.

    • “…and that kind of thing never works well in first person.”
      And people wonder why hasn’t EA given DICE greenlight on Mirror’s Edge 2.
      Honestly, I quite like climbing in FPS’s. Not as much as I like in Third Person games, but, then again, I also prefer shooting in third person.
      I am alive and looking forward for this game… if it comes out before I am dead.

  9. this is good to hear, love the concept of this game and really want a release

  10. Irony….

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