Sony Announces “PSP Engine” For PS3

You’ll remember news that Sony are planning to upscale and upgrade PSP games for the PS3 – well, that technology now has a name: PSP Engine.

The engine was announced by Sony’s Kentaro Suzuki at the GTMF (Game Tools and Middleware Forum) in Tokyo, and as such PSP Engine acts as middleware between the PS3 and a PSP game, offering the following features:

  • High resolution rendering
  • Dual Analog control
  • 3DTV output
  • Ad-hoc Party functionality
  • Expansions to the PSP’s main memory and graphics memory
  • Unified save data

It sounds like an emulator of sorts to be honest, but could be great, and hopefully we’ll see a few high profile PSP games on the way now.

There’s no mention of Trophy support.

Source: AndriaSang, via Famitsu.



  1. Bit sceptical of this. I dont think these games are going to look good on everybody’s massive flat screen tvs ;)

    • and that’s despite High resoulution rendering

    • I agree. You can stick a flag in a turd, doesn’t make it a sandcastle

      • That isn’t a sandcastle? Damn. I’ve been doing it wrong at the beach all these years!

      • But it’s a lot funnier when someone tries to kick it over. :-)

      • Brilliant lmao

    • they wont look as good as a proper ps3 title, but i’d put up with that, gladly, for the ability to play my psp games on the tv with a proper pad, with a decent analog stick.

      • Ugh, dude, you should change your avatar. I’m getting PTSD off that filth. >:<

    • I remember doing the TV out thing with my ps3 when I first got it. I was shocked at how bad it looked all blown up and stretched out on the telly, and I’ve only got 32″. Imagine someone playing a PSP game on a 50″ job? To be honest, if they don’t come with trophy support, I don’t see the point in rebuying them.

    • They’ll look nearly as good as the PS2 games being brought over. As long as stuff ends up 1080p, I’ll be happy enough.

  2. Be nice to play through GTA Chinatown Wars again without having to squint at the PSP screen

    • i can finally place peace walker! the small screen is why i didnt buy it

  3. I’d imagine there’d be a maximum resolution for the stuff I assume….saying this if I can play Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron online, then I’m not complaining :D

  4. Interesting but you can here people say ‘that’s ok but where’s the ps2 emulator then?’

  5. So they can emulate the PSP engine but not the PS2 one, opting instead for HD rereleased. I’ve never seen such a blatant cash in.

    • Probably because a PS2 engine would play straight ports that don’t support HD or trophies and decided that the “re-mastered HD trilogies/collections” would be more popular.

      • and the fact it means we have to buy the games again has nothing to do with it? o_O

    • My PS3 is PS2 compatible but I haven’t played a PS2 title for years.

      • @Cam the man, the last time I player a PS2 game was over Easter when I replayed Silent Hill 4 and Origins.

        @Freezebug, except the only collections being released in HD are the ones I still have in SD, MGS, POP, TR, Silent Hill. I’m not much of a graphics whore so it would be more of an appeal to me to have an emulator which this proves they could probably do, but don’t want to as that would lose money form the many HD ports they can pump out.

    • still good for gamers.

  6. I personally would rather Sony used it’s resources on new games, I’m a huge Sony fan and have played a lot of the so-called “big” titles before (that are likely to get re-release). People could probably pick up a second hand PSP and the same games for cheaper than they will be on the PSP Store. Especially as the PSP prices drop the closer we get to PSVita, and with the UMD dying. I can’t imagine the difference on PS3 is going to be that good. Shouldn’t we be moving forward, not re-living the past? Perhaps the decision maker is a Liverpool fan! :)

    Maybe I’m just annoyed that a bought a PSP to buy particular games that are now going to be playable on the PS3 – money wasted.

    • Or maybe he’s an Arsenal fan?

      • Either way, I guess that’s why there’s no Trophy support :)

  7. not really sure this would be used would it? even for psp owners?

  8. It sounds like an easy tool for developers to use when porting their games from the PSP to the PS3. Although we won’t get HD PSP games on the PS3 due to the engine and that it would take too long for them to build a new engine just for a port. I am interested in what the proccess involes. Do they just do a copy and paste job of the PSP version’s code and edit it in the PSP engine?

    I hope that we will see FF7:Crisis Core on the PS3 someday as that is one of the few PSP games i would get a PSP for if i had the money.

    • lol the only reason I bought a PSP was to play that. Literally that was the only game I ever had for it. I hope you do play it one day, it’s pretty damned decent ;) swear I almost cried at the end though.

      • Second that! It is a great action game.

  9. I just want to play my 70’ish PS2 games on a PS3 really(and no i don’t want to have the PS2 + the PS3 under my TV) Come on SONY do it;)

  10. Ahhh, good old Sony, yet again bringing us the goods no-one really asked for.

    I’m a PSP owner, love the machine, bought the games, so not really looking to buy them again any time soon.

    How about putting some resources into bringing some new instalments of G-Police or Colony Wars on PS3 Sony? You know, now the hardware could do something really fantastic with them, the potential from online play aspect alone is a mouth watering prospect.

    Overboard also oughta get HD
    make over and appear on PSN.

    If your going to raid the cupboard of past games, look on a few different shelves 1st please Sony.

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