Deus Ex Video: Behind 2027

We’re inching ever closer to the release of the excellent-looking Deus Ex and the marketing blitz is ramping up to its full, glorious effect. This latest video is a look at the world which plays host to the game. The developers talk about what went into creating the not-too-distant future setting and creating something that wasn’t science fiction and felt familiar enough to the player.

It’s interesting stuff and the game continues to look very impressive. We can’t wait!



  1. It’s looking so good! Can’t wait to play it.

  2. i just keep thinking of iRobot when i see this :L

    • terrible! i hate that film, it had nothing to do with the book except the three laws of robotics, read the book!

      • I agree with this though my hatred of the movie was multiplied exponentially with the feature of lead actor Will Smith.

  3. i just love near future sci fi like this, so i know there’s a good chance i’ll be around by that date and see just how accurate, or inaccurate, it is.
    according to some late 20th century sci fi we should be living on the moon by now.

    • Well, the technology is there (I think), but we just don’t need to…

  4. Looking forward to this very very much. One of the two games I had pinpointed this year that I have to play.

  5. I am so looking forward to this!

  6. I have been trying out the leaked beta and so far it has been great. Definitely a potential GOTY and a first day purchase to me.

  7. loving it, undecided about which platform to get it on PC/PS3

  8. entering generic comment on how much i like this.

  9. Nearly August!

  10. I need to change my avatar soon, it’s like looking at a wanted poster whenever I see him on TSA.

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