What We Played #7

Hands up all those of you playing the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta. Thought so, just from my friends list it seems to be an exceptionally popular pastime at the moment.  You may have bumped into, or shot, Toby as you have been running around its maps.

He is particularly enamoured of the way it seamlessly integrates its “stunning set pieces” into the games, singling out the airstrip map as a prime example.   He suggests that the balancing still needs some tweaking but it is still helping build his excitement as the game inches closer to release.

[drop]Some games are challenging primarily due to their difficulty; Demon’s Souls and F-Zero GX I am looking specifically at you.  By all accounts though the Sonic Generations demo that Kris has played “about 5 times” merely challenges you not to succumb to motion sickness while playing.

“I don’t know if there’s too much going on in the background or what,” he says, “but I just can’t make my eyes focus on Sonic, which makes it feel quite disorientating and gives me a little eye strain”.   Obviously not enough to stop him going back for about four “second” helpings though.

It is hardly a revelation to learn that Blair has been playing more of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D.  All that do-gooding may be having an effect on him as he has felt compelled to begin his evil playthrough of inFamous to compensate.   “It’s nice being evil” he has been heard to comment, somewhat counter-intuitively.

Transcending such notions though he has also been playing some Beyond Good and Evil HD, which is apparently “quite fun”.  By the way, if you are listening Sony, I am still awaiting my refund on that game, I will be in touch again later.   With the good versus evil theme Blair’s got going, it would be amusing to know whether Tenacious D’s Tribute has featured in the Rock Band 3 gaming he has also managed to squeeze into his free time.

I am sure you will all be disappointed to find out that we have no Kitteh Kraving™ update from Tuffcub this week.  As it is, he has barely managed to find any time for gaming having recorded about 20 minutes in Killzone 3 and half that in Dead Nation.   That is still 30 minutes more than the “diddly squat” Josh managed though.

Chris made an effort to get back into the gaming groove this week.   His desire for racing was hampered by the evasive manoeuvres performed by his still-missing Shift 2 disc so there was only one thing for it… Warhawk.  After some “amazing games” on and above Eucadia’s landscape he found himself drawn back into PES 2011‘s Master League.   He still claims that “one day I might play something else” but we will only believe that when we see it.

With the memory of his exams already beginning to fade into the past Jim has been playing “a ton of games”.  Heading up his list are Blockado and Backstab on his trusty iPod.  His main time sink on ‘proper’ consoles has been White Knight Chronicles II.   With the sequel dropping you straight into a level 35 party, it could have had something of a steep learning curve, but has instead “been fairly easy to get into”.

The one troublesome spot he hit was “the first boss constantly tearing me to shreds, not helped at all by the sparse checkpoints”.  He has also quickly become hooked on the Uncharted 3 beta and is intent on max-ing it out in short order.

Standing in stark contrast to Jim’s ton of games is Dan‘s one; Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.  Having already written 2,000 words on it for TSA’s review he has unsurprisingly got nothing further to add.

Exchanging shouts of “Finish Him!” for “Hey Listen!”, Delriach has been enjoying some 3DS gaming with the “absolutely phenomenal” Zelda.   When not eradicating the spider infestation in the Great Deku Tree he has been grinding his way through the zombie infestation in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.  “Despite its lack of content, it’s still a lot of fun to play.  It’s perfect to play on the go since missions are relatively short.”

We might have known he would not be able to abstain from fighting games for a whole week though.   The lure of his local fighting game events near Chicago has seen him playing more Mortal Kombat as well as “starting to dabble with” Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

I took first place in Mortal Kombat at one of the tournaments and won some money.  The very next day I got 3rd in MK9 at the Galloping Ghost Arcade, which is the largest arcade in Illinois.  Galloping Ghost is absolutely amazing.  There are hundreds of machines with classic games to play.  If you can think of the game, it’s most likely there.  There’s even custom made cabinets for MK9 and MvC3. It’s really something else.

As a special treat here is some footage of our Delriach taking Sindel out for a spin at the Galloping Ghost and doing his bit for the anti-Smoke-ing lobby:

Delriach was not the only one to fall for Zelda’s charms this week as the game continues to insinuate itself throughout the TSA team.  It claimed its most notable scalp this week in the form of our Editor-In-Chief (that’s like Commander-In-Chief but without the ‘nuke’ button) Peter.  When not mercilessly hacking down defenceless tufts of grass he has been puzzling his way through Puzzle Dimension.  As a sometimes lover of “a nice spell of relaxed puzzling” he found it a “really strong example of the genre”.

[drop2]He has also revealed how he performs testing of his plans for the future growth of TSA Towers:

I’ve been playing a game called Tiny Tower on iOS.  It’s a kind of pixel art tower building sim where you construct floors and decide what kind of establishment to build in to your tower – retail, food, creative, etc.  You have to build apartment floors so that you can get tenants to work in your business floors and the more you have, the quicker you make money and the higher you can build your tower.  It’s free to play but there are in-app purchases to help you progress a little quicker, should you have more money than time.

The rest of us just want to know when we get our in-Towers sushi bar and coffee house.  Being unable to heat our fish suppers due to the broken cooker in the TSA kitchen and saying that having a “boil your own” kettle is a much more flexible service than waiting for someone else to make you a coffee is just not the same.

So what have you been playing this week and do you have any suggestions for what facilities Peter should be planning to add to the Towers?



  1. Dungeon, obv.

  2. PES 2011 is taking up lots of my time! Grand Theft Auto San Andreas & it’s multiplayer mod and Saints Row & Oblivion are downloading from the Steam Summer Sale! I need to download Uncharted 3 beta but I know 100% I’ll but it come November with out playing it.

    • Not much different from U2 multiplayer, so if your not that bothered, perhaps leave it until retail.

  3. Another quiet week of gaming for me this week. Picked up Comic Jumper in the XBLA sale and kinda wish I hadn’t. It’s really difficult but in that cheap luck-based sort of way so I only played about an hour of that before throwing in the towel. Shame as the dialogue is hilarious.

    Elsewhere, I started Crysis2, which is definatley a pretty game but I’m not really getting on with the stealth gameplay that it is currently forcing on me at the moment. The core shooting is decent though and the suit abilities are neat.

  4. I’m sensing subtle anti-Zelda subtexts here. Bah. ;)

    • Not intentionally, I’m playing it too. :)

  5. Had a cracking evening with Moakesice & Crazy Del the other night on OpFlash: Red River. There’s room for a fourth member of our elite fighting squad if you want in. Our AI guy Baletto (or something similar) is useless and keeps us waiting in the humvees!
    Also tried the U3 beta, not a lot of change from 2, which isnt neccesarily a bad thing.

    • Yes we need a 4th player for Sunday =D
      Had great time on Operation Flashpoint. Played some Gears of War Multiplayer and a wee bash at Aliens vs. Predator Campaign as a Predator. Going to continue all these games this weekend including Battlefield 2 to help out TSA

    • I’d love to if I had the game :(

  6. Why hasnt anyone been playing Alice? I’ve been giving it and Dirt3 equal loving this week

    • I started playing Alice a couple of days ago (not in time for this). Pretty good so far.

    • I feel like spending some money this evening so I might pick up Alice, Shadows of the Damned and Dungeon Siege 3 :D

    • I’ve got Alice, just not had any time to play it yet.

  7. This week I’ve played a little of both Red Dead Redemption and MLB 11: The Show, I’ve been whittling down the games stored on my HDD too, where there was once over 160 items (minis, PS3 games and PS1 games), there’s now 8.

    I did try the beta of Uncharted 3. I didn’t encounter any of the issues reported but one match was enough for me.

  8. U3 beta and AC Brotherhood got a little play time from me. But surprisingly the brilliant Motorstorm Apocalypse demo has got the most play time and has convinced me to buy the game when i get some money.

  9. Ive been playing the UC3 Beta of course and Gran Turismo 5 :D ive only just unlocked the veyron :P

  10. Gave UC3 Beta a go last night and seems pretty slick. Apart from that I’m working through Assassins Creed. Only just got into the series and have completed the first and 2nd and now working through Brotherhood. Was gutted I couldnt find a multiplayer game on it, hoping someone out there is still playing it….

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