Battlefield 3 Producer Denies A Declaration Of War With Modern Warfare 3

Is Electronic Arts getting cold feet? In June the European Senior Vice President of EA, Jens Uwe Intat, announced that Battlefield 3 would turn the tide in the FPS war between Battlefield and Call of Duty.

However, Battlefield 3’s Executive Producer Patrick Bach has said otherwise. Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, he insists that EA’s focus is on their own title, not the competition’s.


“Honestly, we’re not trying to go after CoD. Of course there will be crossover – it’s a first-person shooter, it’s modern-day, and there are resemblances on locations, even – we’re all inspired by the same media and the world around us. But to be a star you need to play your own songs.”

So is this Electronic Arts backtracking on their previous comments, or a difference of opinion? Or were their previous comments simply misconstrued? We’ll leave that question up to you to decide.

However, after our poll showed nearly 67% of you are purchasing Battlefield 3 instead of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, we don’t think Electronic Arts have too much to worry about in terms of taking in solid sales numbers.

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  1. Good there both aimed at slightly different markets.

    Everyone should play what they enjoy! Me personally I’ll be buying them both, I don’t think I could not play either just because of what they are. Ie, I wouldn’t would not play cod just because it’s cod of that makes sense…they could name anything they like and I’ll still be playing it.

  2. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that BF3 will topple CoD, but a sustained attack over a few years will certainly do more than dent CoD dominance

    Some people like squad based shooters, some people prefer fast solo, cinematic storyline led action

    Some people like both, some people like neither

    What have we learned? Different people like different stuff.

    Ultimately I think the gamer will get annoyed with FPS in general with Battlefield, Battlefield Bad Company & Medal Of Honor all being used to take market share from CoD.

    One day the gamer will say, stick your FPS up your arse, I’m going to play something else. FIFA, yes that will probably be it and then will we see Activision wrestling with EA over all their annual sports franchises, they could certainly force the price EA pay up, by bidding high with the aim of losing next time the FIFA/NFL/NBA/NHL rights are up for renewal.

    • To be fair i am surprised that Activision havent gone after the rights to Fifa, NFL ect already.

    • Spot on about people liking different stuff, maybe thats why there were the console wars? each set of fans couldn’t understand why the other liked their console?

  3. Funny how EA seem to be talking more about MW3 than they are about BF3, and then they say this!
    Both games are looking like they’re going to be brilliant, it’s just that one game is probably going to have significantly higher sales, that’s not saying the other game will flop, it just won’t have the same sales as the other one.
    I want there to be competition between the two games/franchises. The competition will drive the developers and publishers to make the best game they can make, to rival the other game.

  4. I played a lot of Battlefield 2 and it lived by it’s custom maps and mods on PC. If EA let the same thing happen on PC then it’ll be a run away success on PC. If they could bring some of this from the PC community to console then I can see BF3 out lasting MW3 for me. This is where the ‘war’ will be won for a lot of old PC BF2 players who now own console.

    Another thing in this EA vs Acti propaganda war is longevity. MW3 will be replaced by another CoD in a year where as BF3 will be around for a few years. EA should be focusing on this and playing on it.

  5. Battlefield could run and run…

  6. i hope BF3 has some decent maps like MW2 and Black Ops,

    • The main Battlefield series was known for it’s top of the class multiplayer, so BF3 ought to have good maps, otherwise we’ll know somethings gone wrong.

      • Yeah a Battlefield game with bad maps would not go down well at all.

  7. War is a bit of a strong word. Competition would be better and if they aren’t going to compete then why release them at the same time. I’m getting them both and only then will i decide which is better.

  8. Hopefully, this is the end of the war of words and everyone can get back to making their game to the best of their abilities. Can’t wait for both.
    And guys, your poll was a tiny miniscule fraction of the enormous behemoth of an fps market. I doubt EA remotely care for it.

  9. no comment on either game, but I think its good EA have come out and said that. I’m sure for each set of fans, both games are going to be excellent.

  10. what is it good for?

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