New Driver: San Francisco Trailer Shows Us The Cars

A new trailer for Driver: San Francisco has been released, introducing us to some of the cars in the game. They are an important feature, because when you’re able to transport your spirit into other people, you want to at least be driving something stylish at the end of it.

Source: Ubisoft



  1. Hmm, the cars look good and the handling looks semi-realistic. Let’s hope for a good game wrapped around it.

  2. will buy.I reckon

  3. the game’s looking good, but that whole bodyswap feature, it just seems so out of place in a driver game.

    if they want us to be able to swap cars, then take the time to code an on foot portion of the game, not this magical powers thing.

    • I didn’t like the on-foot bit’s in Driv3r so for me the bodyswap seems a perfect workaround.

    • In makes sense in the context of the game.

      The whole thing takes place while Tanner is in a coma.

      • You are correct and for me it also means that as there are no on-foot sections, it’s more about the driving! :)

  4. I tested this game at reflections north east, for 2 days. Unfortunately that’s all i’m allowed to say about the game atm, bar that i got a copy of kz3 out of it & some nice grub. Had a chance to talk to the devs, about thoughts & ideas, will be sweet if any are incl in final version.

  5. looks wicked. all over it.

  6. Please harness the epicness of driver 1

  7. Looks like Driver is back on track.

  8. Cautiously, looks good

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