Will PlanetSide 2 Be Heading For PS3?

Maybe a minor gaming topic, but one which has been popping up throughout the latter portion of this week is whether Sony Online Entertainment has plans to launch their upcoming sci-fi MMO FPS for the PlayStation 3. The game debuted during SOE’s open conference at its Fan Faire in Las Vegas, promising to support huge-scale persistent online environments and class-less, skill driven gameplay; PlanetSide 2 is SOE’s most ambitious project to date and certainly worth keeping an eye on.

First person shooters such as Crysis, Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2 and numerous other have proven that the PC is by far the best platform to experience some of the most unconventional and offbeat entries to the genre. However there is no ignoring the fact that home consoles now harbour a colossal portion of the FPS fanbase; a lot has changed since 2003, and though PlanetSide 2 will no doubt attract a solid following, the game’s long-running success may depend on whether it merges with the PlayStation 3. CCP Game’s DUST 514, an FPS annex to the insanely popular EVE Online, has similar ambitions thanks to the Sony’s open network policy. The game is also set to launch on the PlayStation Vita. PlanetSide for the PlayStation 3 sounds too good of an opportunity to pass up, but for now SOE president John Smedlay and creative director Matt Higby are keeping shtum.


During a press Q&A at the SOE Fan Faire, when asked whether PlanetSide 2 would also launch on the PS3, Smedley vaguely replied: “We were first with DCUO, second with Free Realms, and we have other things planned, possibly beyond even the PS3,” Matt Higby adding “stay tuned.”

In their recent first thoughts on Planetside 2 British-based outlet PC Gamer also commented, “this will almost assuredly be a Playstation 3-crossover game. Smedley all but confirmed it when asked about it during the press panel.”

It’s certainly a tough one to call, though we’re sure to hear more from Sony Online Entertainment on PlanetSide 2 in the coming months.

Thanks, Massivley, PC Gamer, IGN.



  1. It would be Sony’s Halo game. It could even be played by PC and PS3 players on the same servers…

  2. Planetside’s scale intrigued me all those years ago, and loved MAG too.

    So, I would love to see Planetside 2 on PS3. Getting it PS3 vs. PC would be the difficult part, but they could lean heavily on Zipper and leverage their experience from MAG for the netcode at least.

  3. I would definitely love to see this coming to PS3.
    However, until i hear more i’m remaining skeptical.

  4. looks like that recently released Section 8, no?

  5. MAG was excellent. Uber excited if the move to PS3 is real :)

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