Beat Hazard Ultra Turned Away From XBLA

Cold Beam Games made Beat Hazard, a game that we’ve regularly pointed out as being rather excellent. Especially with its DLC expansion, Ultra. It’s on Steam now, you should really buy it for some music-based awesome entertainment.

Unfortunately, Microsoft aren’t such big fans. According to Cold Beam Games’ website, they’ve been rejected from the XBLA. The initial version of the game, Beat Hazard is already available for 400 MSP as an Indie Game but Ultra has been refused.


Cold Beam Games say that they’ll seek a publisher partnership later in the year and take another run at it. In the meantime, if you’re an XBLA gamer who wants to experience the joy of Beat Hazard Ultra on your console, you can like their facebook page, via their website, to show your support.

Source: Cold Beam Games



  1. looks crazy and fun!! =)

  2. What is the world coming to?

    We used to burn Bra’s, tie ourselves to trees and stand defiantly in front of tanks.

    Now you can ‘like their facebook page’ if you feel like it…

    I blame non competitive sports days.


  3. It certainly looks hazardous, and fun. Why did XBLA reject the add-on though – is it because they are indie and MS don’t allow indie games to be expanded/patched like how PS minis generally aren’t patched either (except for a couple)? Shame.

    • I think they were going to release Beat Hazard Ultra as a standalone including the DLC. It’s not what you’d expect from regular DLC, the one on XBLIG is a complete bare-bones version, Ultra is like 2.0

      • Ah, thanks for clearing that up! :)

  4. Super fun game. Bought it on Steam, when it was on sale a few days ago.

    Maybe the dev should try out PSN :)

    • Balls. I very nearly bought it when it was on sale, but took it out of my cart at the last minute.

      I guess I’ll wait for the PSN version.

    • same here, its quite fun

  5. Um, why was it rejected? This sounds completely and utterly random to me. Almost Apple-like.

    • I’m guessing Microsoft want to keep gettting 40% of sales of the Indie game, I’m thinking an XBLA game wouldn’t give them as much a cut?

  6. Rubbish. Just because the original is on XBLIG, I assume? Ultra is like a sequel. This is like rejecting Castle Crashers 2 or something. At least it’s coming to PSN!

  7. Come to PSN!

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