Final Fantasy XI May Be Heading To PS Vita

In the latest issue of Famitsu, former Final Fantasy XI producer Hiromichi Tanaka talked about the possibility of there being a PlayStation Vita port for the popular MMORPG.

This is by no means any sort of confirmation; with Final Fantasy XIV apparently still in development for the PlayStation 3 and previously console adaptations of FFXI failing to impress, we would say the chances of a Vita port are very slim.

However, this has highlighted the fact that Sony’s upcoming handheld is an ideal platform for MMOs, especially when considering the 3G model. Sure, the iOS already has its fair share including Gameloft’s fantastic Order & Chaos though limited graphics and touch-only controls have always seemed to be a hindrance for the genre.

Source: Siliconera


  1. FFXI is so poor compared to modern MMORPGs I can’t see it being re-released for PlayStation Vita. FFXI was ok in its day but MMOs have moved on since then.

    • Taste is the key. In my opinion FFXI is the greatest MMO out there. It was a real challenge compared to simple MMOs like WOW and the game world is simply great. Best gaming memories of my gaming life.

      • Completely agree. Used to love FFXI. I just cant bear to see what it is now. Since they added Aby and raised the level cap its gone downhill in my eyes. I had to stop playing because I was so sad to see what it has become. Nobody parties anymore like they used to, can go from lvl 30-75+ in a day in Abyesea….

    • I actually played FFXI again recently, just before the release of FFXIV (I was excited), and you wouldn’t believe how much better it is than it used to be. I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly, it just felt like a solid MMO.

      Shame that FXIV was such a disappointment, I actually keep checking the patch notes every now and then, apparently, they recently added sidequests! Still only a storyline till level 10 though…

      • I’m still checking the changelogs too. I did enjoy my short time with FFXIV but it was nowhere near the FFXI experience. It doesn’t matter how good the game will become anyways since I don’t have the freetime to play it.

  2. Geez who have they got making the decisions at Square Enix these days? Sakaguchi sure jumped off a sinking ship…

    • Right on the money. Ever since Sakaguchi left the FF series has taken a significant downturn. I haven’t tried anything that his new company have churned out, mainly because they don’t look so appealing. Maybe I’m wrong though.

      • Lost Odyssey is a good game and a lot like Final Fantasy. If it had higher production values it would of eclipsed FFXIII.

  3. If this goes free-to-play then I would definitely consider this.

  4. I played FFXI for about 7-8 years when it was released and loved every second of it, i recently went back to the game and its hughly different to the game i remember. SE have changed so much about what made it fun I couldnt play it anymore … very sad :(

    • I quit back when the cap was still 75, just before they released those three episodes that were like small expansions. There was not much to do for me once I hit 75 because I never had time to do all the exciting endgame stuff.

      • You quit at a very good time then I would say. The game you and I remember and loved is gone. Many of my friends also quit the game a short while after they released Abyesea and raised the level cap.
        In my opinion SE only raised the level cap to milk a few more years (and thus our money) out of a dying game.

  5. I have very fond memories of this game. Spend an unhealthy amount of time playing this but back in school pre girlfriend life was easy and it never made an impact on my social life.
    My girlfriend however will not like this… Will give this a try if it turns out to be real.

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