10 New Shots From Payday: The Heist

Sony Online Entertainment and Overkill Software have today posted some new screens from upcoming downloadable crim-sim, Payday: The Heist. One of E3 2011’s hidden gems, the game puts players in the roles of cops, robbers and civilians  in a tense multi-tier online bank siege. With so many diverse and dynamic gameplay mechanics it’s an ambitious project and one that hopefully holds up when it’s due for release later this year.



  1. sounds fun!

  2. I have no idea how they’re going to make this work but it’s a fascinating concept. Count me in with the piquing of interest. :-)

  3. What role would you play as a civilian though? Vigilante?

    • With a Parker Hale PDW in each hand.

  4. Two words: TSA meets
    oh, and another: awesome!

    • Seconded and thirded :D This looks sooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  5. Oh a game! Read the headline and thought it was another article about online passes


  6. Liking it….

  7. Have a feeling I read about this a few years back in OPM, thought it had been cancelled or something, glad it hasn’t.

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