Microsoft Registers ‘’ and ‘’

Superannuation has discovered a couple of interesting links on the ‘whois’ website. It appears that Microsoft has registered ‘’ and ‘’.

A new, cheeky marketing campaign? The other options are unthinkable…

Source: Superannuation



  1. WTF!? this is crazy!

  2. A step closer to finally having a universal games console that plays any game you throw at it? Possibly :)

    • That’d be rubbish. Competition is important or complacency rules supreme.

      • True, its just annoying to have to buy two consoles because I want to play Gears of War as well as Uncharted :)

      • Whilst i agree about the competition element, it would stop fanboy wars & shoddy ports!! :P

  3. Hmmm, perhaps a Mario/Sonic Olympics-style, Super Smash Brothers-esque, mashup to end all mashups.

    Perhaps not.

  4. It’s probably a domain for a charity campaign or something that both companies will be partners in.

    Surely MicroSony is a better domain?

    • i prefer SonySoft it just sounds weird full stop reallu

  5. I’m guessing it has more to do with pc’s or blu-rays instead of games since the don’t use the xbox and playstation monikers. possibly a kinect enable blu-ray support for windows. Does Sony still own DiVX, maybe that too. I’m guessing it’s going to be the home page for the ToS/ UA agreement since they’re two pages signalling a address for both the Sony side and MS side of the contract. MS really has no reason to merge the 360 with the PS3 since the 360 is the leader. After all what does Sony have that MS needs- a Blu-ray licence. Other then that why align yourself with the Sony brand? If MS bought the playstation they’d just kill it. It’s possible with the new Blu-ray standars MS might be getting the right to the drive. If So that could signal that we’re about to see a new model of 360, after all we are getting a new model of PS3, yet again and MS usually matches tit with tat.

    • They wouldn’t change the disc type though mid-generation, that’d be plain stupid. Would mean anyone who doesn’t have the most up to date model can’t play the new games that come on bluray. Ridiculous notion. Maybe they’ve secured the rights to have bluray on xbox720 or whatever its going to be called. Good shout on it probably not relating to gaming though, maybe there are some Sony televisions coming out that run Windows?

      • They’d still keep the DVD game format, after all they just upgraded it, but I’m talking a Blu-ray player for movies. Then with a 720 or something they go Blu-ray everything.

  6. I like this. If MS buy Sony, then they can use these websites. Whilst if Sony buy MS, then they have also bought and so can use those domains…

    Find it nice and amusing.

  7. This gives me the fear

  8. Hmm! Would save development costs for the next gen hardware if they pooled thier resources IF it happened?

  9. We ALL live in difficult times. the possibilities are endless, developers would love a new MSX style agreement.

  10. It seems so pointless for M$ to do that.

    • As pointless as using $ in MS?


      • That’s not pointless. I’ve seen people write $ony too. Just shows that they’re corporations only interested in making money, which is true.

      • But more people write M$ instead of $ony. Also everyone knows that they are a corporation so putting $ to that they want to make money is pointless

      • How dare a business make money!

      • either way it’s just an opinion- so it’s neither pointless or fact. I’m sure Sony likes it when people go with M$, and I’m sure MS likes it when people go with $on¥. unless the site wants to ban it, (I know they don’t like it) who cares. And I’m sure CC you’d say it could appear as immature or ignorant, but alot of comments do that without using M$, (probably even this one), lol. :)

      • I’m not saying they shouldn’t want to make money, just that’s what they’re in the business of doing, therefore the $ is valid imo. I don’t see why people would get annoyed by it, surely its meant to be humerous more than anything?

      • I’d normally agree, Tony, but it’s so very-effing tiring to see so frequently. Microsoft (of which I have no particular love or hate of) are a business. Sony too. Global corporations are in this for money. To make good money. To appease/please shareholders. To create wonderful products (that make more money). If we replace all “S” in company names so everyone’s the same then we can do without it too. Sony HAVE to make money to stay afloat. Same for MS.

        Seeing M$ makes me feel the comment is instantly biased and almost always skews my perception of the poster’s comment itself. Why not win us over with their words, not their jibes?

        Christ, fella. Sorry about that. Long-sprawling post! :-)

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