Child of Eden Dated For PS3

A UK release date for the PS3 version of Child of Eden has finally been nailed down by Ubisoft. The bad news is that eager PS3 owners will have to wait until September 23rd.

We loved the Xbox 360 version, which scored a 9/10.

Source: MCV


  1. Sweet, Now give me Rez HD on psn and I’ll be a super happy camper.



      i mean, i agree.
      that would be splendid. ^_^

      • rez hd is the only reason i’m hanging onto my xbox

      • aye, though I can play my ps2 Rez on my ol’ 60gb, I want to show my love!

    • Dreamcast version FTW! Rez HD is also one of the reasons why i’m not getting rid of my Xbox 360….

      *forgot that now he has a 5.1 system so he can play it properly*


      *immediately turns Xbox 360 on*

  2. Nice, now give us realMyst HD on PS3.

  3. “The bad news is that eager PS3 owners will have to wait until September 23rd.”

    The good news is they’ve addressed the bloody awful price. The 360 version is still £32 on but the PS3 version is £15 so we have that to look forward to.

    • and you get a free t shirt :D

    • I ordered this a while back after it was posted in the Cheap Deals thread, bargain!

      • Yah me too, I can imagine the shirt won#t fit so hopefully thatll translate to a further ebay-based discount!

  4. ooh my birthday cant wait :D

  5. They still haven’t answered my two burning questions for this port:

    1) Does it have Move support?
    2) Does it have 3D support?

    If it has at least one of these features, I will buy it again :3

    • the cover art on Play has the Move details under the PS3 bar. No mention of 3D though that is sometimes hidden on the back of the case… Not like anyone confirmed either yet..

    • Yes, and I’m not sure.

    • The reason they gave for it being delayed on ps3 was that they were trying to get it working in 3D. Obviously the real reason was that Microsoft paid for exclusivity.

    • I’m 100% sure they have said that it will have move and 3D support.

  6. Was going to get this, but delaying it til september has put it in the firing line of too many other great games. Might bargin bin it now, the review made it sound good, but the poor sales are making me question if its really worth the 9/10.

    • poor sales do not equal a bad game! Just bad marketing or a lack of audience, but definitely not a bad game

      • its definitely a good game. My only problem with it is the length.

    • I bought it for £35, and I STILL think its worth that score. it is an amazing experience :3

      • Nice to hear that as i was concerned about the short game length.

    • How long is it then?

  7. I’m looking forward to this. I don’t think I will be going out much in the last part of this year.

  8. Good to hear it’s cheaper on the PS3, I really want this.

  9. I’ll be getting it on the day. Can not wait!

  10. Really excited about this, i think Move sales might jump a bit when this is released. If it is 3D i might wet myself too. *strokes 55″ 3D LED TV*
    Bring on the colours!

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