Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure: Screens & Colouring Page

More screenshots for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, this time from the Wii version. The official website of the game has revealed some of the character names including Ignitor, Chop Chop, Stump Smash, Flameslinger, Gill Grunt and the puntastic Prism Break.

Gameplay videos for each character can be found on the site and I must admit, my interest has risen considerably now I have seen them.


Activision has also provided a lovely colouring-in page so grab your crayons and get scribbling.

Source: Official Site / Flickr



  1. What have they done Spyro… what have they done!

    • Hes not the same, we want spyro back….our spyro….:-(

      • He looks terrifying D:

  2. They ruined Spyro :/
    Getting it anyways, for my sister..

    • Just get her the PS1 games, they’re waaaaay better.

      • Because you’ve played Skylanders?

      • Good point, but I don’t trust Activision. They have already ruined the games original charm by making it look like some kids toy set and turning Spyro into some mutant. The originals were challenging, had beautiful, different environments and great characters. Apart from the toy and portal gimmick, this game looks like a stereotype of both a kids game and games in general.

        Sure, i’m judging here, but considering the design choices they have made and the fact that Activision are behind this makes me very dis-trusting of the game.

      • They’re going for a different demographic which I appreciate fans of the original outings may not like.

        Kids are going to love this, though.

    • Agreed, buy the classics.

      Hell, a few months ago I myself played back through the first one. It’s still brilliant.

      • The 3 games I want on the EU Store more than any others.
        Spyro The Dragon, Ripto’s Rage and Year of the Dragon were the only games to challenge FIFA and it’s variants for playtime on my PS1…

  3. This is the one with the toys that act as cross-platform saves isn’t it? Sounds brilliant for kids, although the character model for Spyro himself is truly hideous.

  4. Very lame, very corny, very obvious, very derived, very….. Activision.

    Please stop knifing my childhood memories and give this game some dignity.

  5. Spyro still looks weird

  6. Being the first game I played on the PS1, I love Spyro.

    This is not Spyro. Yuck.

  7. Perhaps a colouring contest should be held?

    • Nah I wouldn’t bother Activision would probably file for a lawsuit.

  8. Oh WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! Spyro is that you? What have they done to you?T-T

    • He’s a yob, a dragon yob (T_T)

      • Redbull gives you wings (& mutations!).

  9. Look at Spyro in pic 5.
    What happened to you, Spyro? Did some medical experiment go wrong?

  10. He looks like a right nasty bastard now. Im with the rest, bring back sickly sweet spyro!

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