PSN Hack Led To Uncharted LAN Mode

Justin Richmond, Director of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3, has revealed an interesting side effect of the PSN Hack. The development team needed to continue to work on the game during the PSN outage so created a LAN mode for multi-player.

“As a developer, one of the things is, you want to keep playing the game,” said Justin, “And so, actually, one of the positive outshoots from [the PSN hack] was that we got LAN. So our programmers sat down and said, ‘OK, how can we continue to work?’ And so they hooked up the LAN gameplay mode and now we’re shipping with that. So lemons to lemonade.”

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will join a very small number of PS3 games with a LAN mode – will you use it?

Source: Industry Gamers



  1. If it has split screen with the LAN setup, then yes I’ll use it. Would great when the mates are over

  2. I would never use it but extra features is always great.

  3. It’s great to have the option. However, lugging PS3s as well as computers to other people’s houses for one game doesn’t sound fun. I’ll stick with split-screen.

    However, if there were more games with a LAN option…

  4. Maybe for a LAN party :/

  5. its nice to be given the option.

  6. Really good news from a competitive point of view. If PS3 competitive scene push it; UC3 could be played at LANs along with obvious CoD entry. :)

  7. Won’t be using this but it is nice that the feature will be available to those that will.

  8. LAN is a great idea for student houses. There were 3 PS3s in my house at uni. Would have been great to have some LAN games on the go.

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