Sony’s Mick Hocking Talks PS3 3D

Is 3D still considered a fad, a passing phase?  Given the current limitations (glasses that make the image darker and processors that simply aren’t up to the job) you might think so, but Sony’s Mick Hocking is still adamant that there’s a future, especially on PS3.

[drop2]However, that’s not a future that’s going to happen without help.  “I think the main lesson I’ve learnt is there’s an on-going need for developers to still be properly educated about developing games in 3D,” said Hocking speaking to Develop. “If teams get educated about how to produce great quality 3D then we will see more great 3D games.”


Hocking says he’s done lots of work training up internal QA teams, and there’s a dedicated 3D team on hand to help developers.  “We’ve actually now got a guide with 10 points for producing technically correct 3D, it’s our 3D 10 Commandments if you like, and we also have lots of resources now to help developers creatively with 3D as well,” he said.

Hocking says he’s “very pleased” with how the first year of 3D went on PS3.  “We’ve developed more 3D games than we first thought we could, and we’ve kept the quality very high on PlayStation 3” although he doesn’t know how many machines are currently playing 3D games.

There’s a slightly odd exchange about Ridge Racer on Nintendo 3DS thrown in there –  “Have you played Ridge Racer on the 3DS?” “No, no I haven’t.” “Well the 3D effects in it are poor” – and then comments about 3D on Vita – “Of course in the future we may look to build the 3D experience on a handheld.  Whether this comes to Vita will have to be seen” – but apart from that it’s a decent interview.

There’s some comments about a new headset, too, with two-OLED screens which reminds us of the dreaded VR phase, albeit in 3D, but overall it seems that Hocking’s very pro-3D right now, as you’d expect.

Are you?

Source: Develop.



  1. I want to try 3D gaming before I cough up for a TV, but I am very tempted.

    • DO IT!

      32″ 3D Samsung 1080p smart-tv £600 from Amazon
      (also has 4x HDMI, WIFI and looks badass in white!)

      • im thinking of a 55″ 3d samsung

      • I’m thinking only one of the two is affordable! :p

  2. Imagine fully immersive VR games, would be incredible, Be a Pro in Fifa! Grand Theft Auto! Metal Gear Solid and Call of Duty! Or even games like Rainbow Six Vegas, you could finally say you have been!

    • Like I said Mechs…. it will be nerdgasm!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. VR for me is the pinnacle of computer game entertainment technology, and the best thing that will happen to video games, so I am incredibly excited to see that Sony is researching the idea.

  4. In the 1950’s 3D had it’s golden era, it become unbelievably popular amongst first world countries. By the end of the 1950’s it had fizzled out, the reasons, it was to expensive, people were getting headaches/being ill from it and you had to go to the cinema to watch it (Which unless you have a fairly thick wallet, its the same today). Exactly the same reasons are still there. I think it will slowly die down and that will slow development in the technology and that will stop it falling in price and that will kill it. I personally love 3D but it’s too expensive at the moment and it probably will never get to the point where it isn’t.

    • sorry but you are slightly wrong here… i personally went to movies in early 80ties and watched old school 3d. For that time it was sort of cool but i didnt like it. Colours were all over the place and quality was just ridiculous. Today we have different 3D – 3D HD and thats a big difference. This new 3D will get only better and eventually will loose bulky glasses but until then i am totally okay to wear them.

    • There weren’t 3D games then, though? Or were there?

  5. 3D will go miles when they stop making shit 3D implementation in TVs, mine is all about ghosting; 4 crosshairs instead of one isn’t of any good. Funny thing is it keeps doing that on 0% 3D effect as well.

  6. Anti-3D here. Until they make it so everyone can enjoy it without wearing glasses, I’ll pass. Plus, it just hurts my eyes too much. After an hour of watching a 3D film my head is pounding. Never gamed in 3D but I would imagine the affects would be worse. Thumbs down for 3D.

    • What is the beef so many people have with having to wear the glasses?!
      Nobody has a problem with having to use a controller do they.
      Well, except Microsoft.
      And look where that got them…

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