The Darkness II Delayed Into 2012

It has been announced that The Darkness II has been pushed from October of this year to February of 2012. The exact dates are February 10th for the UK, and February 7th for North America.

There are a ton of high profile games coming out towards the end of this year, so the delay can only be for the best. Unless everything follows suit…


  1. You don’t have to be a genius to know why if you look at the release list for the last few months of this year.

    • It’s not just that. The first game was awful and this looks worse. All the early previews say it’s terrible. Can’t imagine what imbecile decided to waste money on a sequel.

      • I had fun on the first one. Was it perfect? No, but what game is? It had alot going for it at the time, but there really was no replayability. The multiplayer was broken, but the singleplayer was cool. Part 2 looks like fun as well, but you can’t tell if the same problems exist, like filler quests in the subway.

      • I enjoyed the 1st one too.
        The MP was a crock of shit, but the SP was different and had a good story to it.

      • Never played the multiplayer bit but loved the first one. I seem to recall one of the first Sixthaxis community events I got involved in yonks ago revolving around it too.

  2. Shame, but I can see why.

  3. loved the first one, so I’ve got high hopes for this

  4. Hope its good….

  5. I enjoyed the original although not so much the subway sections in between the action. I’ll wait and see if the new game follows the same pattern.

  6. Doesn’t sound like they’ve kept Kirk Acevado from the first one.

  7. This is a smart move. I liked the first game but there was no way this was getting my cash during the upcoming holiday season. I like this move and it should result in more sales for them. Thumbs up.

  8. I don’t mind if it’s in 2012 I have a huge backlog to be clear and so many great titles out this year aswell!

  9. JJJjaaAAACCKkKKKiiiieeeeeEEE!

  10. Aw. I loved the first one. Really was excited for this. Oh well, I guess that’s just more money for me to spend on the other high-profile games coming out!

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