Catherine ‘Climb or Die’ Trailer Released


The latest trailer for Catherine has been launched, telling you to climb or die! The game will be released in North America on July 26th.

No word on a date for Europe yet, which makes us very sad pandas.

Source: 8Bitfix


  1. Have we or will we be having a Catherine review on TSA? Hope so. It appears to be a game made of pure bonkersness.

  2. Has anyone tried the demo yet? I had to constantly adjust the sound between the CGI section and when it changed into in-game footage (in the bar).
    I thought the gameplay was fine; something to get when it’s cheaper.

  3. The demo arrived on the US store last week, I recommend everyone give it a go, even of puzzling games aren’t your thing. The between level story and absolute Japanese bonkersness seems to be genius

  4. Definitely worth checking out the demo, i thought there would be more variety in the puzzle gameplay but having said that it’s not bad.

  5. i can’t say i was a big fan of the puzzle sections of the game, and reading up it seems like most of the actual game portion of the game is ever more difficult levels of that.
    it’s put me off a bit, well quite a bit actually.

    the story bits look like they’ll be cool though.

  6. I pre-ordered the CE edition a few months ago, I guess it’ll be shipping in a few days then.

  7. i really wanted this, as long as i thought this will be some kind of “Japanese Heavy Rain” but i don’t enjoy this kind of hectic puzzling at all.
    still looks great though

  8. what the heck is that about? I don’t think I’ll bother with this.

  9. Mad as a box of frogs.

  10. Loved the demo, getting this on import next month!

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