GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Announced, Move Compatible

It’s official, GoldenEye is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year. It will feature a brand new engine, and PlayStation Move with Sharp Shooter support for the PS3 version.

In addition to the story campaign, the game introduces the brand new ‘Mi6 Ops Missions’ — new, distinct levels separate from the campaign that span the varied environments from the story and challenge players to complete different Assault, Elimination, Stealth and Defense objectives.  

The game will also have four-player split-screen action and 16-player online matches with “more maps, weapons, characters and game modes than ever before.”

Source: Press Release


  1. ‘Move Compatible’


    Almost brought a wii just for this game a few weeks ago, glad i held off :)

    • Agreed. Looking forward to it….

  2. Will get this along with House of the Dead so i can use my Move controller. Dusted it off about a week ago for a party but thats the first time it’s been used properly for a good while.

    • I’m waiting for House of the Dead too….before I buy Move. And with Goldeneye and Dead Space Extraction, should have a couple of decent games to use it with!

      I used to put £2 in the HotD4 arcade so I could have dual Uzi’s – I sucked though :(

  3. Awesome :)

    Pretty sure I’ll pick this up.

  4. Haven’t touched the Move for a few months. No need for it in Killzone 3, no desire to use it instead of a DS3 at all.

    So a nice inclusion to keep on including, but really… Where’s the games that make me want to pick it up again?

  5. Oh, hell yes!

  6. a bit to excited about this news :)

    i was so in love with this game when it was out

  7. Whooo was dying to play this ^^
    Now to dust off my PS Move!

  8. Thats me selling the Wii version then, Much prever round analogues

  9. Good news. Apart from Start The Party, I cannot see any reason whatsoever so own a Move at the moment so this and House of the Dead will hopefully convince me to buy one

    • Believe you me there’s not been one game that has been released yet that has justified my purchase. I wish i held out for a few months before getting it now.

      • Yeah, I’ve noticed they have plummeted in price recently. Game are currently selling their starter pack for about £30 so I have been tempted to pick it up at that price with Start the Party (£10). I think holding out is probably the better option though as, like you say, there isn’t really anything to play at the moment

    • Michael Jackson: The Experience. If you like his music.

      I bought that game just for Move and I’m still playing it, WAY longer than I thought I would when I bought it.

      Good to see another game I can use it for though :)

      • I can’t say i regret buying one, but high quality games are pretty non existant.

        Still, ive enjoyed numerous PSN titles like Stardrone and Flight Control, plus alot of ‘full’ games too such as Sports Champions, Start The Party, The Fight, MAG and Resident Evil 5. However in the future i can only see myself getting the move out for this, resistance, LBP2 expansion and sorcery if it ever makes it.

  10. Hope they include the paint-ball mode :-)

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