PopCap Announces Global Agreement with Sony Ericsson

PopCap has announced a deal with Sony Ericsson to pre-load their games onto Sony Ericsson Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro smart phones. This is PopCap’s first step into the Android market in Europe.

“PopCap’s multiple award-winning title, Chuzzle, will be pre-loaded in its entirety while other PopCap hits such as Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies will be included as unlimited trial modes – with the option to purchase full editions of the games using a directly integrated billing service.”

Source: Press Release



  1. Good stuff, and a good move as far as android is concerned…….just let us uninstall them if they’re not wanted!

  2. Good news for the Xperia at least.

    • yeah got some belters for my xp…

  3. Would love to tell you which game came preloaded on my Xperia Arc…

    But I can’t… cos I sat on it… and now is broken… :(

    • and on x10 Mini phone, they left us all behind :/

  4. Chuzzle is a great time sink. I remember i lost countless hours in year 7,8 and 9 in ICT sat at the back of class on that game. The website was blocked though in Year 10 and 11 which was a good thing as it meant that i got an A* in my coursework which i probably wouldn’t have got if it hadn’t been blocked. I got a new phone xperia last month so this doesn’t bother me but it will be good news for anyone planning on picking one up.

    • *i got a new xperia las month. Don’t know why i typed phone.

  5. I used to love SE phones and would never have used any other but then I was given the Satio which, as far as phones go is a joke. So rather than be stuck with it for 2 yrs I bought a SE Xperia Mini Pro which I thought was pretty rubbish as well. Shame really as I won’t ever risk getting another SE now no matter what.

    • Same here, the Satio killed it.. The fact that it’s Symbian OS made it feel more like a Nokia didn’t help.

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