War In The North “The Fellowship” Trailer

Snowblind Studios has released an all-new trailer for its upcoming action RPG, Lord of the Rings: War In The North. Unlike previous videos before it, “The Fellowship” promotion opts for CGI footage instead of in-game walkthroughs, the result being much more prominent.


Focus on the inter-racial bond between the three main playable characters is something which has been neglected in the past, despite being a main hook for Middle Earth maniacs.Hopefully more character-driven CGI trailer will be issued between now and the game’s release later this year.



  1. they’re taking the style from Peter Jackson’s movies.
    not a bad move i’d say.

    no offense to the guy doing the voice over there, but he’s no McKellen.
    i think i might have to dig out my copy of the third age.

    • I wonder why they didn’t get McKellen to do the voice-over? He did work on the previous games… Man, I’m just looking forward to The Hobbit. I wonder (not really) if they will make a new movie-tie-in game for it or just HDfy the old last gen game? My money is on the first option.

  2. It’s actually shaping up to be a really nice concept. I hope that, as a game, it’s more than mediocre.

  3. It’s looking ok. They said they’d be faithful to the books and the universe though but then they went and added a mage class.

    Doesn’t fill me with confidence, :-/

  4. Doesnt look too bad….

  5. I have everything crossed that this will be great.

  6. You have my sword…. I mean money. (if it turns out good that is) :)

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