Bundles of Joy: Uncharted

Today sees the European release of three new “Double Packs” for the PlayStation 3. This re-releasing of old classics looks like a winning strategy for Sony who have got a couple of very strong franchises just about ready to hit their next instalments.

Uncharted, Resistance and Ratchet & Clank are all getting two-game bundles at budget prices so we thought we’d take the opportunity to look back at some of the games which are being re-released. First up, the treasure hunting adventures of Nathan Drake and company.

[drop2]Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune wasn’t a launch game for Sony’s over-powered (and, let’s be honest, under-supported in the post-launch months) console, so it missed out on the eager early adopters who sampled everything they could in the slower months. It released almost exactly a year after the North American PS3 launch and was seen as Sony’s great hope for the holiday season in 2007. A subsequent trophy patch, Platinum release and the hype built around the release of the second game in the series ensured that this was a game most PlayStation fans experienced at some point.

Nate Drake gave the PlayStation brand its own loveable rogue hero. Not as brash or lumbering as the Gears of War crew his cover-based hijinks riffed on and not the faceless stoic superhero that Master Chief represented. Drake was something new for video games – a believable, likeable everyman that we could fully empathise with.

Uncharted: Among Thieves had the eyes of the gaming world firmly fixed upon it after an extremely strong showing at E3, several months before release. In particular, the falling office building and train sections garnered much critical praise and PlayStation fans were rightly excited to have one of the best games available anywhere this generation on their chosen console.

This game, more than any other, pushed videogames and cinematography closer together. The filmic quality of the camera angles, character interplay and scene framing gave Drake’s second outing a much more polished, upmarket feel. The addition of multiplayer (with its own movie-making mode) gave players a reason to keep returning. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Uncharted: Among Thieves still stands proud as one of the best games we’ve seen this generation.



  1. I played the Drake’s Fortune ages ago. My dad just came home with it [which is a rare thing, though he’s done it with the likes of: Red Faction (my first shooter, loved it so much) & World At War], turns out he’s got a great taste in games! The first is a great game & the second really draws on its greatness & improves it to making it a smoother, even more exciting journey.

    Well done, Naughty Dog. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised as wasn’t it Naughty Dog which made the Crash Bandicoots of old? Classic games :P

    • Crash bandicoot is a Classic.

      • Too bad they have a history of selling the license for their flag titles every generation. So expect an absolute abomination of a game called “Uncharted 4” on PS4 :D (didn’t I mention? Naughty Dog usually does 3 games of a series + racing one before they’re done with it :P).

      • Sony own naughty dog and their ips so you will never see another one of their franchises on a non Sony platform.

      • Haha @devil – can’t wait for Uncharted racing.

      • You know – the title actually sounds good, as long as you don’t think of what you would do in the game :P

      • Crash bandicoot games were fantastic, I loved those. Including the racing game, which was my most played on the PS2.

      • Uncharted Racing — bring it on!!

      • Are you talking about Crash Team Racing (Naughty Dog, PS1) or Crash Tag Team Racing (NOT naughty dog, ps2, sequel)

      • CTTR was kind of playable but didn’t have the FUN factor of the Ps1 version. Oh God, so many hours spent playing this game. Even my girlfriend finished it 100% countless times.

  2. I got Uncharted Drake’s Fortune for about €10 a couple of months before the release of Among Thieves. Absolutely loved both of them. Can’t wait for Uncharted 3 :)

  3. As it happens I recently began a new ‘crushed’ playthrough with Uncharted 2, great game, as was the first. I’m very excited for part 3 in the series. Everyone of them is a must buy.

  4. When I downloaded the uncharted demo, it gave me the first wow factor of the ps3.

  5. I was a huge fan of Gears back in the day and an absolute sucker for anything third person with cover-shooting mechanics. At first glance, there is quite literally nothing remarkable about Drake’s Fortune, but five minutes in and I was absolutely hooked. Must have played it for a good few weeks only to return when the trophy patch was released.

    • what a coincidence i did the exact same thing

  6. Hold them.close to my heart. They are amazing, untradeable gems, I cannot wait for 3.

    • Definitely one of those untradeable gems.

      • Would have to agree. I traded in Uncharted2 after getting the platinum trophy but it was back in my collection before the end of the month :D

  7. Even though UC2 is the more successful game i love the original just as much. But now i find myself in the position of being jealous of those who will be buying this bundle and experiencing the games for the first time. :)

  8. This article reminded me of my love for UC. I’m going to get my ladyfriend to play through them as I know she’d love them too, and I can’t wait to watch them again.

  9. I remember the first time I played that Uncharted demo and surprisingly preordered the game……without knowing in a few years it would be one of the best gaming franchises. The original was so good, the jungles were stunning, not to mention the water! And the script and voice acting made it almost like a film. Just fantastic, and well done Naughty Dog for two awesome games, well three in a few months

  10. best adventure games this generation nothing beats uncharteds set pieces

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