From Dust Delayed On PC

From Dust has been gathering quite a bit of hype over the last few weeks, despite being light on gameplay details. Due out on Xbox LIVE tomorrow, the PC version has been pushed back by almost a month to August 17th.

A PS3 version is coming sometime later this year.

Source: Joystiq



  1. hmm this game will probably not come under my radar as they are releasing it so late for ps3.

    • I don’t get this logic. If it’s a good game and a reasonable price…why not?

      • Possibly because of the numerous AAA games coming out later this year. UC3, BF3, MW3, Skyrim, Arkham City, FIFA 12 and that’s just the big names – I’m sure there are a couple more that have slipped my mind.

  2. Seems surprising that it is releasing so late on PS3 given how much they were pushing the PS3 version at E3.

    • I completely agree. They pushed it so much, I actually thought it was a psn exclusive at one point! Might have to give this a miss now due to all the big names coming later this year. All dependant on the price though – if it’s under the tenner mark, it might just sneak back onto my to get list. Hard to guess a price though.

    • Money talks

  3. I wont be getting this, too late in the year. Although to be honest, I’m not that interested in this so mightn’t have got it anyway. I’ll wait and get it for $5 in Steams next Summer Sale.

  4. Damnit!

  5. Just pre ordered off the Ubishop on PC :D Can’t wait until the 17th

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