WeView: MotorStorm: Apocalypse

MotorStorm is certainly one of Sony’s big successes of this generation, and it’s certainly been one of our favourite series here at TSA. Sure, we may not have been blown away by the series’ second offering but we’ve always been fans deep down and it’s certainly got a strong following amongst the community. In fact, aside from Killzone, I think it probably has our strongest following.

With all of that said let’s turn to the third PS3 instalment in Evolution’s arcade racing franchise. It may be the end of the world but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact we gave it an 8/10, so certainly a strong showing from the game. As well as the score we had this to say:

MotorStorm has come just at the right time: the PS3 needed a burst of frantic energy and Apocalypse certainly delivers. It’s not perfect, but it represents pure arcade racing with a central device that never feels tired – the earthquake scenario managing to stretch itself over forty different events and still feel fresh at the very end, when the game turns everything up to eleven.

By then, as the city falls to pieces around you, you’ll be glad for the final credits – this isn’t for the faint hearted, but if you’re tough enough and reckon you can tame a superbike as a tornado whips around you, we’ll see you out there…

So were we right? Have you been out there in the earthquake torn wastelands? Or did you quickly cast the game aside? Why not jot down your thoughts and let everyone know? Just head over to the forums and leave us your thoughts on the game.

Whilst I’m not going to discount longer reviews, please remember that the aim is for short, snappy opinions. More than that I simply don’t have the time to wade through longer reviews, so if you want to have your opinion included in the verdict post try to keep it short.

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  1. Want this game so much so I can participate in the meets but I don’t have the money D: CURSE YOU, STUDENTDOM.

    • It’s on sale at ShopToNet for £19.85, well worth it.

  2. The best £17.95 I’ve spent this year.

  3. “Whilst I’m not going to discount longer reviews, please remember that the aim is for short, snappy opinions. More than that I simply don’t have the time to wade through longer reviews, so if you want to have your opinion included in the verdict post try to keep it short.”
    ^^ totally aimed at me ;)

  4. Will see what time i can come up with to write a WeView for this one! :)

    As a passing comment though, i was suitably impressed about how quickly i could get into a lobby with others last night. It was actually a pretty smooth process for me – I do play a few games that aren’t quite as ‘desirable’ online though, so maybe a hint of rose tinting on my goggles perhaps.

  5. Only started playing this the other night. And I only noticed the meet here 10 mins before it started! :0D personally I’m not liking the ‘story’ bit, preferred the way races played out in 1&2! The 3D worked pretty well until I got to the first level on top of the buildings. The cross chatter was awful making it pretty implacable for me. Will give it another blast tonight though! Glad I only paid £20 for it, coz on first impressions I still think the original is the best! And it shouldn’t be called motorstorm coz there’s no pendulum to rock along to :0(

    • The single player campaign is very short (can be completed in 4 hours or less) and is pretty lacklustre in comparison to the previous 2 PS3 iterations (I haven’t played Arctic Edge on PSP, so cannot comment on that).
      Multiplayer is where this game shines. Get yourself involved in the meets, either Monday, Friday or both … we always have a right good laugh.

      • If my work patterns weren’t so screwy then I’d be up for a regulat meet! I’ll have to keep my eyes open now I’ve started playing ;0)

    • +1 about the pendulum comment! not a MS game wihtout it :(

  6. I loved Motorstorm but with every game it gets so much harder and well I give up.. I’ve yet to get Apocalypse.

    • Apocalypse is actually probably the easiest of the lot if i am honest.

  7. Please don’t judge MotorStorm Apocalypse by the quality of the Demo or the trailers that Sony have placed on the PS Store – because they’re shockingly bad and don’t do the game any justice at all.

    The first few tracks are pretty basic and uninspiring, but once you get into the meat of the game, the big hitters appear. “Boardwalk” (which sees you racing through an abandoned seaside resort) and Skyline are the two notable standouts for me – the latter see’s you jumping from roof to roof atop skyscrapers, it’s probably the most complex track in the game due to multiple routes which may see you take a completely different path to the rest of the field, you may only see the other 15 competitors as your meet up at the finish line.

    In gameplay terms, I’d have to disagree with TSA’s opinion, Apocalypse is good game, but it’s not as good as it’s Pacific Rift predecessor.

    Buy It.

    • The demo’s are shockingly bad ??? The multiplayer demo was awesome and if the full game is that good when i get it then i’ll love it.

      • The full game is so much better than the demo – which actually put me off buying it originally. For a true feel of what the game really looks and plays like you should have a look on YouTube.

  8. Loved the first and second motorstorm, demo for the third pput me completly off the series, it was horrible, everything i loved about motorstorm was gone from it

    • everybody seems to say that the demo is bad…
      dont let the demo put u off buddy=) its an awesome game and as a motorstormer too i really love this game! its just as good as PR, the only bad thing bout PR was the ranking system: if u had a bad day u could loose 20% down the rank and if u won u gained 3! (i was lvl 4 gold when this happened)

      • i really dont know, had a go at the multiplayer demo too, loved the tracks (the highrise building one especially) but it just didnt feel like motorstorm

  9. Is motorstorm really one of sony’s big successes this gen?? The first one definitely was a system seller. Wasn’t it one of the first games to sell a million? Certainly in terms of chart position neither pacific rift & apocalypse didn’t set them on fire! With apocalypse being cancelled in japan I can’t see it as having been a huge success! Any sales figures to prove me wrong??

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