Order & Chaos Online Goes Social

Gameloft’s World of Wacraft-inspired 3D MMORPG, Order & Chaos, is now available to play via Facebook. Unlike mobile versions of the game, OAC FB will be free to play, well sort of. Already bypassing the £3.99 download entry fee, social players have access to the full game until they reach level 10 at which point a subscription fee is wheeled in.


However Order & Chaos, which includes over 1000 abilities, 4 playable races, 500 quests, and 2000 pieces of equipment, isn’t as costly as your regular pay-to-play MMO, adopting the Facebook Credits as its native currency. Here are the current rates:

  • 1 day: 1 FB Credit
  • 1 month: 10 FB Credits
  • 3 months: 20 FB Credits
  • 6 months: 30 FB Credits
For reference, 50 Facebook Credits will run you £3.06, so no, it’s not very expensive at all. If you don’y fancy the currently popular F2P offerings, including Allods Online and Runes of Magic, Order of Chaos is an ideal starting point for any aspiring MMO player, and hopefully Gameloft will continue to support the game with additional content in the months to come.

Source: Order & Chaos Online


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  1. that’s not bad, it’s a step up from the touchscreen version due to the controls.
    it does work ok on a touch screen but the ipod touch screen is a little too small to play it comfortably for long, maybe it’ll be better on the ipad.
    you can play it and you can have fun, but it’s not the same as using a keyboard and mouse.

    obviously, it’s not as good as something like wow, but then a sub to this is a fraction of the cost, by my calculations, a year sub of this is less than a month of wow.

    it’s just a shame they have separate servers and accounts for the facebook and Ios versions, because it would be great if you could play on your opc at home and then carry on on your iphone/touch/ipad while you’re away from your pc.

    and it would be cool if they ported this to the psn, gameloft have ported a few of their other titles, so it’s not outside the realms of possibility.

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