Walkthrough Videos for ICO and Shadow Surface

There’s not a lot of introduction I can give these. Other than to say that GameTrailers have got themselves another little video exclusive and can show off some gameplay from each of the games on the upcoming HD collection.

It’s a little dry in presentation but the aim is to see what it looks like, right? Well, it’s looking pretty good and the “up-rez” doesn’t seem to have robbed the game of any atmosphere.





  1. i forgot i downloaded these from ps3youtube last night, will have a proper look later but initial impressions was the upscaling looks good.

  2. looks mega impressive, at least as good, if not alot better than i remember.

    which didnt happen to me with the GOW remakes.

  3. Some of the animations look a bit dated, but overall it seems quite impressive. Pre-ordered for just 23 pounds! :-)

  4. When Ico ran down stairs and got caught on the banister in the video I was reminded of some of the frustrating collision maps from the original, and they look like they’re still there – but that won’t stop me getting these on day one. Can’t wait.

  5. Looks awesome, cannot wait.

  6. I have the originals and have played them to death, still play through Ico at least once a year, so though it’s great for a new generation of gamers to play I think I’ve done them and got all the memories I’m going to get. I’ll see the “special” (The Last Guardian) video on youtube just after this release.

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