Call of Duty Tournament Hits London

Activision has announced that a Call of Duty: Black Ops tournament will be hitting Leicester Square, London on August 7th. They are looking for the best team in the UK so they can fly them over to Los Angeles to compete against 31 other teams from around the globe.

There is $1 million in cash prizes up for grabs in L.A, with the best team out of the 31 walking away with $400,000. Crikey.


Some teams will receive an invite to the event in London, but a limited amount of invites have been left free for teams to apply for. Think you’re good enough? Sign up

Source: Press Release



  1. Wow, getting killed by the overpowered RC car gets on my tits as it is, let alone if I knew it costed me $1m ! :|

    • Wouldn’t it be on a no perks, streaks, gun mods, etc mode?

  2. Good luck to all those participating at the COD XP event in LA. I won’t be there (stupid previously booked holiday) but it’s going to be a blast. Literally.

    • I’m totally free. I CAN BE KOVACS!

    • I’ll let the guys know you’ll be taking my place.

  3. Aha I booked a several days in London from August 7th so I will check this out and enter my brother into it as I think he’s got a chance XD I get 50% as his manager ofc <.<

  4. I hope Armoured Core gets a tournament one day.

  5. If there was a battlefield bad company 2 tournament, I’d consider entering as I’m pretty good at that game. Fairly average at Blops though.

    • Would love a BF one but BF matches are normally 6v6+ competitive; and the CoD scene has been 4v4 for a while. There is a big EU lan this weekend as well (ECL3) so will probably see all the big english CoD teams/orgs possibly going after that is done.
      @ruleset; there is no killstreaks etc. MLG rules if you know what they are.

    • I’m naff at b.ops too(heart not in it & traded.) Now mw2 or *[email protected] (*without the damn mods & glitches that I exp today,) then I think i’d cause some havoc. (ps. Kovacs, a while ago you aksed when mw2 stats stopped tracking. I don’t know if u’d passed the msg on, but its working now. My kill stats as they should be. At first, my kill leaderboard became blank, bar my refreshed stats, now when someone on my friend list loads mw2, they appear.)

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