Developer Talks Cancelled PS3 Game “Eight Days”

Eight Days, a PS3 exclusive third person title that was canned in 2008 after hiding in the shadows since E3 2006, was apparently “jaw dropping”.

[videoyoutube]That’s according to Richard Bunn, who currently works for Nice Touch Games but used to work for Sony and spent four months on Eight Days which was a British made game that was, according to Bunn, going to have online co-op and was in fact based around “buddy gameplay”.


“Imagine Uncharted,” he said, “where you have two Nathan Drakes, and you can cover swap between each other and chuck ammo between each other. That was pretty much the game.”

“A lot of what was shown off publicly had a bit of a mixed review,” he said. “But what was going on in-house at the time was looking quite spectacular. I designed a new opening level for them. My goal there was to make the opening level every bit as good as something you would see in God of War.”

“We had that fully playable in prototype form and it was jaw dropping. It was exceedingly good. All of the other level designers on the team were doing great work.

It seems from Bunn’s other comments that the game had been in pre-production for some time and “soaked up a lot of money”.  He doesn’t disclose how much it would have cost to finish, but was “quite a bit” – another year’s worth of development.

Oddly, though, Bunn’s not aware of “the current status of it” and says that “it would be lovely to see that game resurrected in one form or another because it had a lot of potential.”



  1. Call me sceptical…

    • Ok… sceptical.

    • I think i will call you Bob instead of sceptical. or Joanne.:p

      • Bob is a name me and Adam use on Blops, but where did you get Joanne from?! Just happens to be the name of a girl I like at the moment. Stalker!!!!!

  2. Hmm, if that was actual in-game footage i would have been really impressed. Seemed interesting nonetheless.

  3. Sounds like this guys blowing his own… You get the idea.

    I seriously doubt if it was looking that good it would’ve been cancelled.

  4. Never saw this before, but it does look good from the trailer.

  5. Just like the getaway :( I can only dream about how good that game could’ve been….
    I beg they one day resurrect it.

  6. oh i remember that game. i remember people being fairly impressed by it at the time. always meant to keep an eye on it :/

  7. Cancelled ? I thought it and The Getaway were both just put on hold.. although that was some time ago.. hopefully The Getaway will still go ahead.

  8. Come on SONY give me a new ‘The Getaway’ PLEASE :P

    LONDON in HD. . . :D

    • That new Getaway, that became Home. Now if they could just add cockney swearing, strippers, car chases, fist fights and shootouts to Home I’d be on it every day.

  9. Sounds fun….

  10. Remember seeing this sometime ago, heard it was on hold. I hope it sees the light of day at some point though, looks promising.

    • Looks like Kane & Lynch if you ask me and that frightens the crap out of me

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