New Soul Calibur V Gameplay Footage Released

As quite a few of you will be aware, EVO happened over the weekend. This fighting event not only shows off some amazingly talented players, but also causes our Delriach to have a complete freak out and not sleep. At all. He’s currently having an in-depth chat about Mortal Kombat with the TSA cat.


Some new gameplay footage of Soul Calibur V was also released at EVO, showing Zwei vs. Patroclus, Mitsurugi vs. Siegfried and Ivy vs. Natsu. Enjoy!

Source: GameSpot 1, 2, 3



  1. I have a de ja vu

  2. I fking LOVE fighting on that ship! YES!!!!!!!!

  3. Now that is one sweet fighting game.Just sweet.

  4. Is it just me, or are Ivy’s boobs actually smaller in this game?!

  5. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

  6. I wonder if they’ll bring back the strategy game back from sc3. That was the best part of that game

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