No ‘Commando’ Perk in Modern Warfare 3

I’m not really a Call of Duty player. In fact, when I read that it had been confirmed that the Commando perk has been removed for Modern Warfare 3, I did that tilty head thing that a confused puppy does.

However, after a bit of research I actually found out what it was. Apparently it gives players extended melee abilities, and is generally hated due to the fact people can do knife kills from 100 feet away.


Any fans/haters of the Commando perk here? What do you think of its removal?

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  1. finally

  2. Good riddance, Commando!

    Here’s hoping it isn’t replaced by something equally annoying.

  3. Most annoying thing ever.
    Camping and commando perk were pretty much the reason i stopped bothering with cod online

  4. I’m hoping they have nothing similar to 2nd chance and ghost from Black Ops. They’re the worst.

  5. Commando is never a pain in the ass during Hardcore gameplay.

  6. Too bad they didn’t remove Martyrdom and last stand… Like Nauraph said, with hardcore you don’t have a problem with commando.

  7. bowling tweet 1st june…
    “There is no Stopping Power, OMA [One Man Army], Commando, or Nukes. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait & see.” Regarding rumours of team perks, “we also have no such thing as team perks.”

  8. Commando was a decent idea for a perk, and would have been tolerable if it had not been so overused. The countless amount of players using commando combined with the lack of something better to take the spot for perk 3 made commando an extremely overused perk. It’s removal in Call of Duty Black Ops was beneficial, and did not have a negative impact on gameplay, nor did it aggravate a large number of players.

  9. That’s all well and good, but in many cases extended knife range was about the only way to counter the ‘Magic Bullets’, ‘Dead through Fifty ft steel Wall’ and ‘Bullet Sponger’ perks…

    What? They weren’t perks?! Black Ops appeared to at least attempt to balance the game against P2P lag….. I have littel hope that IW in the third iteration of MW will even care at all about addressing the lag monster in the corner of the room, especially if there’s more important things like Jam that needs to be smeared across your screens when you’re hit, or taking the next step after ‘Long Shot +100, One Shot, One Kill +100, etc.’ and adding cheesy american voice overs to the points system.

    COD4 was flawed, but only in a few ways (Host Ended Game, Stopping Power), things from MW2 onwards, like user defined killstreaks, nukes, tactical insertion boosters, etc just made the whole game worse.

    I have little faith that MW3 will be any better

    • nukes & stopping power are gone.

    • An afer thought, user defined killstrwaks was a great move imo & added an extra dynamic to the game. I hope it makes a return.

  10. It’s probably for the best. I’d certainly like to see Last Stand taken out, Ghost on the other hand (@chunkymunky) will almost certainly stay in in some form, it’s been a mainstay of the series since they introduced the perk system and it’s not really an issue.

    • I very much doubt last stand will e taken out. If the enemies use it in single-player, so will people use it online.

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