WeView Verdict: MotorStorm: Apocalypse

These potholes are getting worse.

This week, you’ve been turning your attention to the latest instalment of MotorStorm, and it seems a good number of you have decided to throw your hat into the ring to discuss the arcade racer. It was hardly a surprise, MotorStorm’s always had a good following from the TSA community.

It also wasn’t a surprise to see a good number of you being very positive about the game. Let’s start things off with asparagushunter who wanted to focus on the sheer fun of the game. For any arcade style title this is pretty much key to the entire experience.

One of my favourite games on the console, nay, this generation. It may not be a perfect racer, but goddamn is it fun. Obviously having people to play on multiplayer here on TSA really helps with this, but even with random people it’s great. Single player is a bit weaker (and the card collecting sidequest bit is just inane), but I still had a lot of good times with it.

However, Apocalypse isn’t all about simple arcade fun. This time round Evolution decided to throw in a more focused story, something Death_In_Flamez decided to talk about in their review of the game.

Evolution have gone out on a limb with Apocalpyse. The Festival as you knew and love it has changed with a story mode focusing on three characters, Mash, Tyler and Big Dog (increasing in difficulty through each character). At first I was skeptical to the comic style cut-scenes and adding personal touches to the series. Overall though I think Evolution have done a bang up job.

Personally I really enjoy comic style cut-scenes, they seem to have a lot more potential for experimentation and unique story-telling than with your typical cutscene. They can also provide a nice break from the game’s art style, providing an interesting juxtaposition.

Moving swiftly on, from the first time we saw Apocalypse we always knew it was going to be a very in-your-face experience. I mean, it’s pretty hard to be subtle when you have buildings crashing around you. This was something that Mickey2010 was keen to comment on when they cast their eye over the game.

I love the Motorstorm franchise but still dont think they’ve recaptured the feeling and the magic that the first Motorstorm offered! yes the action and the destruction on Apcolyspe has amplifed 10 times what the first game or Pacific Rift offered but it’s kind off like the Transformer movies the Action and Effects get bigger and better but it still cant top the first outing.I didnt really like the story driven Single Player much at all i thought the tracks were boring apart from maybe Skyline!

Finally let’s turn to my favourite review of the week which came from tom_lord this week. He managed to sum everything up into a nice little package, bringing us back to the all important element of fun.

Well, it boils down to that very thing we look for when playing games, fun. Yes, it’s story is utter trash and no, it’s not particularly intellectual. But, it certainly has plenty of smiles. Everything is big, brash and loud. Overly grandiose, perhaps, but take nothing away from Apocalypse for trying things on a whole new level. The way the tracks deform, change and evolve over the course of a simple 3 lap race, combined with the ever-present MotorStorm AI, means no two races are ever the same.

So, what was the final, collective verdict of the community? Well, ten people said Buy It, with most of them keen to point out that it was an emphatic endorsement and one or two actually insisting that you buy it. To the point where we’re a little bit scared for anyone who doesn’t.

That verdict far outweighed the number of people who suggested that you Rent It or grab it from the Bargain Bin and exactly nobody thought you should Avoid It. Looks like a solide bet, then.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another game for you all to pick over and deliver your opinions on.



  1. Ironically I am currently writing a review for this game anyway so I will probably dump a copy of it in the Weview forums too ;)

    • Whoops, should have read the article. Didn’t realise this one had been and gone, sorry :$

  2. As i would mainly play it for the SP i’ll wait until i can get it at the right price.

    • Lots of places have it under £20 now. That why I picked it up! Still doesn’t feel like ms to me, but am having fun with it :0)

    • 17.99 gamestation I believe

      • Is it really. Am getting i tnext week and although i have trade-in credit in GAME i may have a butcher’s in gamestation.

  3. Great game, and one I just got my platinum for this very morn. Hoorah!

    • Nice one! ‘Grats.

      You are still doing the meets though right?

      • When my work schedule allows, yeah. Too fun to not keep multiplayer up,

    • Good work! Reaching Rank 40 is taking a while. Made it to 31 last night so I’m nearly there. After that its finding all the collector cards… :|

      • Yeah, that’s the bit i’m not really looking forward to either – At least you won’t have to place in teh race though right?

      • not too hard to reach lvl 40… just take safe bets and try to do as many medals as possible… and now since the new free races is downloadeable its going even faster to reach lvl 40! =)
        and congrats asparagus to the plat=)

  4. I’m surprised nobody mentioned how frustrating this game can be. Its unbelievably fun when it works but that’s only half the story. Its up to the player to memorize what types of debris they can hit and what types will kill them, crashing on certain tracks (I.e. skyline) can result in crash loops which can effectively take you out of a race, and then there is the inclusion of the always frustrating rubberband AI. All in all id give Apocalypse a ‘rent’

    • Should have posted your review along with the rest then it might have been included in the article above.

  5. Awesome stuff as per Halbpro, always good to see if the buyer’s reactions match up to the press reviews. It’s a great game and I felt it was completely over-looked.

  6. still not sold on the game, even after everyone saying buy it, im a huge fan of PR and the first one but Apocalypse just doesnt look like a motorstorm game, from the fell of both the single player and mulitplayer demo it didnt feel at all like a motorstorm game, it felt too much like an arcade game, stupid drifts and no awesome crashes or in my opinion no jaw dropping environments. It was all a bit disappointing, and sadly i didnt find any of it fun. Probably won’t be going back to the series now until they get back to Pacific Rift standards

    • Right with you, man. NOT a Motorstorm game

  7. Cracking game :-)

  8. This is one of the games that i am going to get next week while on holiday’s along with ME2, Infamous 2 (and possibly Brink) and am looking forward to playing against some TSA’ers. Also from the 2 demo’s which i found very good i may end up going for the platinum trophy which is not something that i do very often.

  9. I’d like to propose a new category somewhere between Bargain Bin and Avoid It. Let’s call it “Bin It”. Terrible, terrible game seemingly created by writing a list of everything that made the first 2 games great and the writing “remove from final product” at the top of the page. Not impressed and will not buy or endorse their next title :(

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