Massive Poll: Will You Pay For Online Passes?

Online passes have become the norm for most multiplayer games, the publishers claim these ‘add value’ but we all know they are trying to get a slice of that tasty second hand pie and recoup some of the costs of dedicated servers.

Actually, second hand pie doesn’t sound that tasty unless you are a fan of rummaging through the bins at Greggs.

Anyway, here’s the question: will you pay for an online pass?  Would you prefer it if the pass was locked to a console as Sony are planning to do with Resistance 3 rather than to a single profile, and at what point does the pass become too expensive?

A single click will let us know, and your vote will be immortalised in the halls of history for ever.

The poll closes at midnight, Thursday 4th August and we will publish the results shortly after that.

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  1. A lot of games which feature online passes don’t have dedicated servers, most of EAs output for a start, FIFA NfS:HP NfS:S2U etc…

    • Good point, shame on them! But then again, of course they want part of the cut, so would I. I remember that in NFS:HP you would get two extra cars if you had a pass. I don’t know if the others offered something in return though.

    • This is my thing too. What are the actual costs involved in running a P2P game? They’re bound to be just a small fraction of running dedicated servers for a huge game like Battlefield 3, but without those figures, I can only assume that the £8 pass is a ridiculous overcharge for the service. Yes it’s for life, but over the average player’s play time, it won’t add up to that sum.

      I wanted an option that said “I only buy new anyway. I’m getting annoyed, but it doesn’t affect me.”

      • I wanted an option that said “I only buy new anyway. I’m getting annoyed, but it doesn’t affect me.”

        Same here.

      • The costs for P2P for EA, close to nada (should be development costs only). Those games should have a much smaller pass-price, if any. But it’s not about the server-costs with these games. It’s about EA wanting their cut of your money for the games they usually wouldn’t get anything from.

      • The purpose of this poll isn’t to see who buys new and who buys pre-owned. Buying new means you’re only slightly inconvenienced by the system.

        This poll is to see how the habits of those that /are/ affected by Online Passes are altered. If it doesn’t have any effect on your buying habits then there’s no reason to vote in the poll.

        Including that potentially huge group of voters that only buys new would weight the visual representation of results and give less impact to any differences in the question we’re trying to ask.

        In short: if you only buy new games then you’re not affected. So don’t answer the question ;)

      • That’s what I’m thinking, Kenny. Though don’t forget the long tail of patch development that occurs, and that there’s still regional Master Servers which are there to keep track of what games are doing what. Then collect and store all the stats…

        All I really want to know is how much publishers are ripping people off by. Is it £7 or £4?

      • kinda proves the only reason they’ve got them is just to boost the profits

  2. I would buy brand new which will include the online pass, such as BF3. If a game has it and I dont want it at launch (£30-£40) I will what till its £15, which is normally a few months.

  3. didnt battlefield 2 come with an online pass??

    • It came with a pass which was tied to an individual account which sucked donkey bits to be frank. If they go down that road I’ll just upgrade my pc using the money I get for my PS3 and 360.

  4. Depends on the game TBH…

  5. As I buy most of my games new I don’t really have a problem with online passes per se, but I wouldn’t want to have to end up paying 48 quid or whatever for a game which would have usually been 40. For that reason, my vote’s on yes, but with a compromising price-drop.

  6. As already said, I buy my games brand new (and rarely play online) so it doesn’t affect me, and so I won’t vote.

    • is the pass included when buying day one??

      • As I understand it, passes are included with new copies of the game, and have to be bought via PSN/XBL for second-hand games.

      • ohh, ok thx for the reply=) now i now what to vote on… =)

  7. I prefer Sony’s way of doing it, since that way, multiple accounts can make use of it. However, if you for some reason need a new PS3, won’t that mean you’ll need to buy another pass?
    I buy my games new (I like the smell of a fresh manual), but if I bought a used one I would only buy a pass if it was a game with a great online, or if I was very interested in trying the multiplayer.

    • Thats my worry too. If my PS3 breaks again then I need to cough up more money – on top of repairs – to play my favourite online games.

      • your online pass would be in your download history list via account management and should be re-downloadable to the same console unless it (like psn games) allows use on up to 5 activated ps3 consoles.

      • That would hopefully be true Tyrant, good thinking! Here, have some cherries:
        _) _)

      • Hmm, those cherries look far yummier when writing the comment… I guess I forgot to check the expiry date. :-(

  8. should have an option for buying brand new so it already has it, so i have no problem with it. so ill have to go with the intial price accounting for it

    • wait there that makes no sense :/

  9. How do we view the poll?

    • “The poll closes at midnight, Thursday 4th August and we will publish the results shortly after that.”

  10. Buy new so they’re irrelevant so far. (Didn’t vote in the poll as that does not seem to fit as an option.) Don’t play much on-line multi-player due to time mainly, so if games with decent single-player content become cheaper if the multi-player essentially becomes premium DLC that would suit me fine.

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