Black Ops ‘Rezurrection’ Content Announced

We’re going to the Moon. Well, I’m not; I don’t play Call of Duty: Black Ops. For those who do though, you’ll be able to visit the Moon and get your outer-space Zombie shooting fix. Yes, this is happening.


Rezurrection, the fourth batch of downloadable content for Black Ops is a Zombie-fest and the climax to the saga (so presumably the final DLC). It features the four Zombie levels from World at War, remastered for Black Ops and the brand new “Moon” level which features undead astronauts and fluctuating gravity.

The level also features brand new weapons, perks and equipment, including the deadly Wave Gun and the Quantum Mechanic Device. These names alone sound awesome and it looks to be the most wacky Zombie level yet – it could be a lot of fun too. I mean Zombies… on the moon!

You’ll also get a Moon inspired theme and an enhanced Zombies soundtrack included, for the price of 1200 Microsoft Points. Oh, and those poor people who have already got the remastered levels with their shiny Hardened or Prestige Editions of Black Ops? Fear not; you won’t have to pay a thing for the additional content featured in the Rezurrection pack.

Rezurrection arrives, worldwide, on Xbox Live in three weeks – that’s the 23rd of August to you Zombies. Have a look at the screenshots below for a taste of what’s to come…

Source:, images via the Xbox UK Facebook page



  1. *complains about stupid price for rehashing old content*
    Though I may as well get that out the way straight away.

  2. Tempting for those like me who never bought world at war but played the hell out of it around friend’s houses haha.

    • that’s exactly what I did, didn’t have the money for the DLC so went over a friends house to play zombies :L

      • I so regret not purchasing Call of Duty: Black Ops now, mainly because I absolutely LOVED the ‘Nazi Zombies’ mode in Call of Duty: World at War, but I think that’s all I loved about it really, but I’m certain to purchase Modern Warfare 3, mainly because it’ll have its own type of ‘Nazi Zombies’ mode (I hear its soldiers instead of zombies, unless I’m mistaken, or am I just imagining things) :P

      • Black Ops has been slashed in price, hence why it’s climbed back up the charts recently.

  3. Great to see the classic zombies released for the masses. They’re sooo much better than any of the new ones

  4. I’m getting really quite bored of the monotonous shunting of zombies and/or vampires into every possible niche these days…

    • What about zombie vampires? Quick! Get Creative on the phone!

  5. I’ve never bought a piece of CoD dlc before but this pack may change that! I don’t really play the online component (far too unbalanced for my tastes) but I play the crap out of the zombies mode with my wife so a dlc pack completely aimed at that mode sounds ace :)

  6. this may be the first COD DLC I purchase for myself since COD4, loved all the world at war zombie maps (as i mentioned above played them over friends house) so playing them again would be great, still not to keen on the price

  7. another COD map pack? shock horror O_O

  8. Isn’t Black Ops pretty much obsolete now? Just seems like they’re trying to flog the dying horse before MW3 comes out.

  9. Since iv only been playing zombies lately, this is the most exciting map pack to date

    • I agree, I have the first 2 packs. Can’t afford the 3rd pack yet but I might just wait for this :D

  10. Totally gone off CoD DLC. Not for me.

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