Disney Universe UK Release Date Confirmed

According to various sources, Disney Interactive has announced that upcoming action adventure title Disney Universe will launch on October 28th. Developed by Eurocom (Goldeneye 007/Reloaded,) Disney Universe pools a hoard of over forty costumes based on classic characters, including Stitch, Pumba, WALL-E and many more. The game will be engineered to encourage co-operative play, allowing  up to four players to team up with their friends to tackle waves of enemies puzzles and platform sections together.


Over the past year Disney has began to streamline its focus on the video game industry, having closed Black Rock Studio, the team behind two TSA favourites, Pure and Split/Second. Disney-owned Propaganda Games also received the chopped back in January, following the launch of Tron: Evolution, sadly resulting in the cancellation of Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, an upcoming action-RPG which debuted at E3 2010 with plenty of positive feedback.

Source: MCV



  1. I think Peter should review this, what with his obsessive love for Disney…

    • I would advise against this. As soon as Peter unlocks the Nemo costume there is little chance of him returning to the game.

  2. So, what do you actually do in this game?
    Not really a fan of disney.

    • You “tackle waves of enemies” so that’ll be busting heads and dismemberment of your favourite Disney bad guys, and some ranged attacks, shooting Robin Hood arrows that pierce skulls and skewer the nasties. I reckon. The “puzzle and platform” sections will probably be cutesy stuff for kids though.

  3. If by ‘Disney bad guys’ you mean ‘arses in management that shut down Black rock’ then i’ll be all over this :D

  4. Can’t wait. Little let down by the Toy Story LBP levels but if it’s any where near as good as the Toy Story 3 game then this will be excellent. It’s out one week after Bataman AC and Ratchet & Clank A4O and only a week before Uncharted 3. That’s going to be one crazy month for me.

    This games is looking far better than the Kinect Disney game.

  5. is this the one that looks just like little big planet?

    • I haven’t seen any pictures of this game yet, but I am, as I am writing this post. :)
      Just watched the videos, and a few photos, the game seems like it’ll be quite decent, though, I am slightly (more or less), about this game, I just don’t think I’d buy it, in comparison to the many other games out there today.

      • “though, I am slightly PESSIMISTIC* (more or less), about this game”

    • It isn’t like Littlebigplanet really, its just levels similar to a 3D platformer although I would miss the create mode of a game that was similar to LBP.

      • Really need to see other trailers though because one the watched was so bad. *just to add

  6. This is at GAMEfest. The g/f wants to see this.

  7. Didn’t they cancel the Pirates RPG? its no big deal for some but there really hasn’t been a game that featured pirates in such a way.


    Keelhaul, that filthy landlubbers,
    send them down to the depths below
    Make that bastard walk the plank
    with a bottle of rum and the Yo-Ho-Ho

    Instead of wasting money on Tron, perhaps it would have lived? well I’m not impressed with Disney universe After what happened with Black Rock.

    Disney don’t deserve no mercy
    We ought to shoot them with a gun
    But many aren’t an an evil man
    but first let’s have a little fun

    We’ll tie those scoundrels to a rope
    And throw them overboard
    drag him underneath the ship
    A terrifying deadly trip

    Keelhaul, that filthy landlubber,
    send him down to the depths below
    Make that bastard walk the plank with a bottle of rum and the Yo-Ho-Ho

    its really interesting though (its not a Alestorm cover anymore) how they’d get this game made rather than onvesting in a pirates game. Really annoyed with that.

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