What’s New In Cut the Rope: Experiments?

The sequel to Cut the Rope is out now on the app store, and it has been since the early hours of the morning. You’ll be wondering what’s new in “Experiments”, how it improves on the original and if you should pay the 69p entry fee, then. So, since I’ve already completed it (not bragging, honest), let me explain…

First of all, if you liked the original Cut the Rope then you should definitely give this a look. You’ll be right at home here, especially in the first 25 levels, which are essentially a condensed version of Cut the Rope that explains the main elements we’ll be using in Experiments. If you’re any good at the game you’ll get through the 75 provided levels in an hour or two.


Don’t let that stop you, though, as there will be new levels arriving soon; after all Cut the Rope is a game that expands over time. There’s also photos to collect for your album – akin to Angry Bird’s golden eggs or the drawings found in the first game – hidden in the background of a level, so that adds some replay value, not to mention those three pesky stars you need to collect in each level.

The game looks and plays largely the same, for the most part. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about: you want to know the new features, after all.

The Professor

You may already know of Om Nom’s new situation, and the reason the sequel is dubbed “Experiments”: the little critter has been taken in by a scientist known only as the Professor, wishing to put him through some tests in order to discover more about the little animal with a sweet tooth. He’ll provide enthusiastic commentary, stating that he can’t wait to start the levels and encouraging you to try again if you fail. It’s a nice touch, but the Professor doesn’t add much to the game beyond these encouraging comments.[drop2]

Shoot the Rope

A new item has been added in the second set of levels to aid you in the Professor’s experiments. In certain levels there’s a button you can press to shoot a rope at the sweet when you choose to. A small plunger will stick to it, so you know which rope is the one you’ve fired and this can lead to many complex puzzles in which you will have to judge the timing, and fire the rope so it’s at the right length in order to complete the level with all three stars. The picture to the right shows this off quite well: you have to catch the candy with a rope-shot whilst it falls.

Suction Pads

One thing Cut the Rope never focused on too much – bar the wheels that allowed you to change the size of the rope – was the actual pad that the rope extended from. The suction pads, that you can unstick by tapping and then stick back once it’s fallen down the screen (or up, if you have a bubble activated) focus more on this. It’s a great mechanic and one that gives you even more control of the ropes; they aren’t just stuck in one place now. When multiple suction pads are introduced, it becomes much more complex and adds many options for you to complete a level with. Experiments is definitely more freeflowing, and therefore more difficult at points than it’s predecessor due to these new additions.

Other Improvements

Although the two main gameplay additions are explained above, there are numerous other (smaller) additions in the game. It looks and sounds slightly better, with new animations and music; the colours seem more vibrant, too. It seems as though Cut the Rope: Experiments is about more control of the rope itself with these different gameplay options, and hopefully the new levels bring more exciting things with them.

The main point is that Experiments is straight-up Cut the Rope action – don’t expect a big deviation from the previous instalment, just expect more fun and instead of just cutting the rope, you’ll be shooting and moving it, too. After all the free levels we got in the original, it’s about time we got a full upgrade. Before you rush off to buy it, however, take a look at the screenshots below:



  1. Loving it so far.

  2. Only just got the original … yes I’m that with the times. Will have to pick this up once I’ve got through with it … that could be a while :)

  3. Cut The Rope was pretty good… Is Experiments better?

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