Bastion Dated for PC

I love Bastion. In fact it’s jumped firmly into my all-time top five games list. Those who don’t have an Xbox 360, but do own a PC can now breathe a sigh of relief as it’s currently available to pre-order on Steam, with a release date of August 16th. The cost is listed as £11.49.

Ah go on…

Source: VG247





  1. Awesome! I was hoping this would happen quickly. Definite buy.

  2. W-ouch! Isn’t £15 more like 2100 XBLA points, than 1200?
    What a whopping price disparity…

    • Aaaah, I see what’s happened here. VG247 got it wrong. It’s actually £11.49, which presumably is poorly translated to €14.99 for the eurozone, and $14.99 for the USA

  3. Come on SGG get it on the PS3. This game looks awesome!

  4. Seems decent. Been pondering it since release on xbox. May have to do the damage

  5. Oh good.
    Now I get to decide- pick it up on Steam, or wait for PS3.
    If there’s a demo, it might sway me.
    But I picked up a bunch of cheap games in the Steam sale, but the only thing I ever play on it is Flight Control…

  6. Sweet. Will finally be able to get my hands on this beauty!

  7. Erm, can anybody enlighten me to what Bastion actually is?

  8. I haven’t been paying attention to this, so just checked the trailer. The voice over really doesn’t seem to fit the art style. Cutesy-anime-grindhouse-revenge? Still, getting lots of praise…

  9. Is the game coming to PS3 as well? I’ve gameplay footage of the xbox version and it looks very interesting indeed !!!

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