Modern Warfare 3 Will Launch On Wii

Activision has recently confirmed that a Wii version of the highly-anticipated Modern Warfare 3 will launch alongside PC and console versions later this year.

Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explained that the company didn’t want to leave any players in the MW fanbase empty-handed, and with Treyarch having done a stellar job with Modern Warfare: Reflex and the Wii port of 2010’s Black Ops there is little chance this year’s instalment failing to live up to expectations.


Speaking with Joystiq, Infinity Ward spokesman Robert Bowling revealed that Treyarch are on board once again to develop the Wii adaptation.

Expect to see Modern Warfare 3 breaking sales records for another consecutive year on November 8th.



  1. Bad news for Wii owners….Treyarch’s XBox port for PS3 was terrible! :p

  2. I shudder every time I see the word ‘Treyarch’

    • yes, im beggining to feel like that too! i’d hate them even more if it wasnt for zombies

      • I think the Wii is just about the right level for them and their “talented” team. Both their COD’s were terrible, and i’ll never forgive them for managing to make black ops look worse than mw2. How is it even possible to make a game two years newer than its predecessor look worse than it?!

      • Yep – it was a bad XBox port, poor character models, and the online was/is so juttery. I did like [email protected] though.

    • What does that name even mean? It’s pointless, just like their games… ;-P

      Nah, I won’t be too mean on them, but I don’t like [email protected] or Blops… They felt cheap in comparison to the MW games, particullary on PS3. I wish Acti did make MW a standalone series with real gameplay differences to CoD (and that was the plan for a while if I remember correctly), and then Treyo could make the CoD-games… I mean, Treyarch.

  3. hehe, well… thats all really…

  4. Modern Warfare 3 fan site has an article up saying that MW3 will run faster than Battlefield 3. It’s going to run at or above 60FPS. I think battlefield 3 is a lot of hype and it won’t even pale in compairson to modern warfare 3. Admittedly the two previous COD titles have been lackluster, however i think mW3 will return to dominance.

    • And look into the sacrifices made to make it run at 60fps… small field of view, linear maps, no particle effects etc… I’d rather have a game full of scale, beautiful textures, particle effects and real time damage with 30fps!

      • What do you mean by small field of view?

        Also, maps have to be linear to a degree for objective games, otherwise it would be unbalanced. I personally like most of the maps.

        I’m not starting a BF3 vs MW3 btw! :)

      • Perhaps he meant that the maps aren’t very expansive in CoD?

    • BF3 will be 720p whilst MW3 will still be 600p upscaled by the console to 1080p.

  5. I honestly prefer treyarch then infinity ward, I really can’t stand MW2, it’s the worst cod in my opinion.

    • Treyarch CAN NOT make a game, they have good ideas but their coding is pathetic. Bugs and glitches.

      Black Ops has more map glitches than MW2. It has poor hit detection and you need at least high 3 bar connection to play it.
      WaW sucked on PS3 and so did Black Ops. Black Ops has too much screen tearing on the PS3.

  6. Could be worse, the PC, XBox and PS3 versions could be ports of the Wii game.

  7. Treyarch! How could you?
    Treyarch don’t belong to the video games industry. :P
    My expectations for this game have further been lowered.

  8. why the hate for treyarch? o.O there a fine studio and make fine CoD games, Mw2 is by far the worst but Mw1 well makes up for it, [email protected] was great and blops average. Call of duty isnt about amazing graphics anymore, its all about the online now, thats what sells it, so with the time they have to make the game they work on perfecting maps rather than making characters noses not so funny shapes etc.

  9. What amazes me is how many people bad mouth COD games (Which is lots of people) but yet year on year it sells bucket loads. Is it just cool to hate on COD games?

  10. Treyarch did a great job with [email protected] on PS3 in my opinion, but Black Ops is a travesty!! I would much rather have Infinite Ward’s efforts any day.

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