True Crime: Hong Kong Still Lives

As mentioned in our top 100 games of 2011 re-cap, Square Enix has recently obtained the rights to publish True Crime: Hong Kong. Cancelled by Activision earlier this year, SE’s London Studio has salvaged the project and thankfully developer United Front Games (ModNation Racers) is still at the helm.

The game is set for a 2012 launch and with Activision still retaining the True Crime brand, Square Enix will be force to launch Hong Kong under a completely new name. Aside from a change in title, it has yet to be revealed what creative influences the publisher may bring to the project.

Source: Official Square Enix Blog


  1. Great news for United Front.

  2. fingers crossed its good and not just another average sandbox!

  3. i was really pleased when i heard SE were picking this one up.
    it looked very promising, and how many games are there set in hong kong?
    i enjoyed the previous games in the series and i expect i’ll find some fun in this one too.

    i’m not really bothered what it’s called, though from a marketing perspective the loss of the established name might hurt it.
    but who knows, this could end up being the start of a new franchise at SE.

  4. I heard it wasn’t even called true crime in the beggining. Activision only changed the name to match their franchise.

  5. Name doesn’t bother me, it could be called Floopidyflippidyphwee for all I care, if it’s good then that’s what matters the most.

    • I agree that the name isn’t important, but I can’t picture myself going into my local store to order “Floopidyflippidyphwee”.
      I’m sorry, I just can’t.

      But good news about this particular game, though! :)

    • and if it was called that it’d be a bugger to find on any game websites.

  6. So pleased with this news – I crumbled when i heard it had been cancelled.

    I always thought that the TC series had legs, they just had to refine some elements of it to make it ‘great’ as opposed to just ‘decent’.

  7. “Crime Truth: A Kong in Your Hong”

    Never played any True Crime games, but out of interest I might pick this up.

    • I think we’ve found them a new name!

  8. Good news. Can’t wait to see some gameplay now.

  9. A pretty different style of game to ModNation Racers, don’t you think? I hope United Front Games can pull this off! True Crime: Streets of L.A. was pretty good, how it used karma to effect your whole game. True Crime: New York City was a bit, well, awful. So, let’s hope True Crime: Hong Kong (Or whatever it’s new title is going to be) is A LOT better than True Crime: NYC!

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