Cubixx HD Release Date & Price

Laughing Jackal have announced the release date and price for Cubixx HD. The game will  available on the PSN on 17th August and will cost £6.29 / € 7.99 / $9.99.

The HD remix features 50 levels, 7 enemies, 13 power-ups, 18 trophies and up to 7 players in local co-op.

Check out the trailer below, visit the official web site for more details, or check out our exclusive hands on from earlier in the year here.

We’ll have the review very soon indeed.

Source: Press Release


  1. 20% day one PS+ discount according to EG. Sounds good.

  2. looks interesting!

  3. Really like the look of this although I think it’s quite pricey as I can play the old skool 2D version for free

    • This shouldn’t really be compared to the original 2D version…

    • Why? The principle is the same.

      • The original Qix doesn’t touch this. I don’t think it is a fair comparison, but if that’s what you think, cool.

  4. Bit pricey, but I’ll probably still get it. The PSmini is still bloody fantastic.

    • Pretty much sums up my feelings on it. I’ll pick it up in a few weeks when I’ve gotten a new system ( 5th :/ ).

  5. 7 player split screen. That’s a first.

    • Now to buy five more controllers! Move support could be cool… And I wish the navi-controller was supported by more games, I recon it would be all you need to play this game.

  6. I’ve only played a couple of levels of the mini so this will be wasted on me, cool extras though, 7 player local sounds mental.

  7. So is this just a mini with better graphics and trophies and a bigger price tag?

    • Not really. While the original Cubixx had 20 levels this one features 50 levels each of which is playable in Arcade, Line Attack, Score Attack or Time Attack in single player or up to 7 player multi-player. It also features 50 Challenges plus up to 7 player Death Match. We’ve also added lots of new enemies. You can find more information over at

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