Starhawk Beta: Warhawk Players First

Harvard Bonin, Sony Santa Monica Studios’ Senior Producer on Starhawk, has been talking to the US PlayStation Blog and has said that a ‘public beta and play test sessions will be a gigantic help.’

A public beta will be part of that. Our beta plans are being worked out right now, but we will have one for sure.

Our hope is to take care of Warhawk players first.

The PS Blog also features some rather lush screenshots from the game which you can see below, assuming you move your eyes down the page a bit more. However as you have moved your eyes this far it would seem a waste not to go that extra few centimetres.


Go on, Dylan Jobe will love you if you do.

We’ve played Starhawk – find out what we thought here.

Source: US PS Blog 



  1. Wasn’t Warhawk given away on PS+ though? I might be making that up.

  2. Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!

  3. Yay! I played Warhawk for quite a while, but my brother sold it!
    Though, trophies were added after he sold it, so does that mean I still get the beta? xD

  4. A nice way to reward the very fans who help build this great franchise.
    I know the new section 8 prejudice, will be a mere shadow compared to starhawks production scale & wow factor, but even in s8p with bots falling from the sky & stomping around, offensive/defensive structures being deployed, alot of team work going on & the unique unpredictability of each moment, it’s pretty cool & i often think while playing, starhawk is going to blow my mind. After skyrim, this is my most anticipated game. No offense to bf3, mw3, & uc3, all of which i will purchase at some point.

  5. this is great news,i have warhawk and i do play it occasionally.

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