PSP Stolen By Rioters To Be Replaced By SCEE

A video of injured Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq being helped to his feet by rioters, before being robbed of his possessions, has been shown all over UK news. Even Prime Minister David Cameron referenced the shocking images in a speech he made at Downing Street today.

The 20 year old, who is suffering from a broken jaw in hospital, had his PSP stolen from his backpack. A site dedicated to Ashraf Haziq has appeared asking the public to “do something nice” for him.


One of the comments to appear is from SCEE Marketing Director Alan Duncan, who said that the company wishes to donate a brand new PSP with games to the student.

With all the disturbing images of young people rioting in several cities around the UK, it gives us a warm feeling inside that the public want to help those that have become innocent victims of these horrendous crimes.

Source: Let’s do something nice for Ashraf Haziq, via VG247



  1. That’s sweet.

    • aww, Sony does have a heart ;)
      I never expected this of Sony, now I’m once more, a TRUE Sony fanbody x))

      (Or is this what they expected?) xO

  2. Wow.. Are the riots really getting that bad?

    • Do you not watch the news !

      • Probably, but he’s not from the UK ;)

      • Dutch news is currently saying the riots are practically gone…

  3. Catch the bastards & string them up by their balls!! Not seen that before – that’s what you get fir working nights!

  4. If that video doesn’t show how moronic and soulless these people are I don’t know what will. I have been in London on holiday since Sunday and luckily I didn’t see any of it but I did see the smoke from atop the London Eye and PC Worlds were boarded up with metal plates today to stop anyone getting in.

    I’m glad this guy got his stuff back. I was utterly disgusted by the video. They appear to help, then steal his belongings and just throw them away. Absolutely horrible behaviour.

  5. Nice one Sony.

    • Nice one indeed. Now give Kratos some leave so he can find and kill the culprits….

  6. it’s been good to see the way many people have reacted to the riots, like the clean up campaign, and this is nice thing for sony to have done for that poor kid.

    it’s just sad that things like this are even necessary.

  7. The fucking shitheads. I hope all you ignorant PC morons out there who constantly vote for left wing pinko scum like the main 3 parties are proud of yourselves, these are the kind of scum that you’ve bred.

    • also, good on Sony. Such a nice thing to do.

    • Hold on. Are honestly saying that left wing social politics are the cause of this rioting? The massive funding cuts and removal of local community groups has been a major factor on raising tensions in the poorer parts of society!

    • Another well reasoned, considered post from BG – excellent work fella – flawless logic O.o

  8. I honestly can’t believe that people are like this. Why are non of these people at work etc?
    The police should turn up and loudly over some sort of system/megaphone etc they should tell the rioters that they have 30seconds to begin dispersing and stop rioting or they will get shot.Give them several warnings etc and if they don’t stop they should begin shooting the ba5tard5.
    If they did this and stuck to it even if they had to shoot a fair few of the idiots then they would soon stop.
    The country is in a bad enough financial situation without stuff like this. Obviously people are going to claim on insurance etc which will again cost more money.
    These looters/rioters probably won’t even go to prison as again that will cost a fortune to put them all there and give them all games consoles and TVs etc.
    So get shooting.

  9. Shocking and worrying behaviour. Unforunately prison won’t help much, far better imo to put them into a rigorous Boot Camp overseen by army veterans, where they’ll learn some discipline if nothing else.

  10. This whole situation saddens me. Although I think what the rioters are doing is wrong, there are a lot of causes to this. I know that I am thankful for finally finishing standard and higher education, because the teachers have no passion and don’t inspire students into learning because they are patronising and just tell you to get a good grade, without explanation as to why. If anything I think most of the rioters have very little hope, and it has been caused by government over the past decade.

    Anyway, this is a really nice gesture of Sony :D

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