PSP Stolen By Rioters To Be Replaced By SCEE

A video of injured Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq being helped to his feet by rioters, before being robbed of his possessions, has been shown all over UK news. Even Prime Minister David Cameron referenced the shocking images in a speech he made at Downing Street today.

The 20 year old, who is suffering from a broken jaw in hospital, had his PSP stolen from his backpack. A site dedicated to Ashraf Haziq has appeared asking the public to “do something nice” for him.


One of the comments to appear is from SCEE Marketing Director Alan Duncan, who said that the company wishes to donate a brand new PSP with games to the student.

With all the disturbing images of young people rioting in several cities around the UK, it gives us a warm feeling inside that the public want to help those that have become innocent victims of these horrendous crimes.

Source: Let’s do something nice for Ashraf Haziq, via VG247



  1. To be honest, these twats havent got any justified cause. We are all suffering one way or another due to the recession and government policies, but don’t resort to this. These people are just opportunistic thugs who see a easy way of stealing as part of a mob. I’m just hopeful that they are caught and get a proper sentence.

  2. I hate this video, it is truly saddening. My only hope is that the path these morally reprehensible individuals have chosen will one day leave them selling BJs for crack or getting married to “Hung Dave” in prison.

    • Saddening to a degree that’s barely imaginable. There are scum of the earth that rob, steal, loot, hack (maliciously), burn things down but when I first watched this video I realised we’d hit a new low. To take advantage of someone like this is simply unbelievable and I can barely fathom how someone could be so uncaring and heartless.

      I’ve watched it once and have no desire to see it ever again. I’m incredulous to the actions of everyone around him.

      It’s times like these where I don’t want to punish them in a court. I don’t even want them killed, attacked, threatened. I just want them erased from life itself. To have never existed. They don’t deserve to know what life is when they’re so happy to threaten someone’s very existence.

      Utter, utter, utter bastards.

  3. Woah, Malaysia? That’s where I’m from. Sad to see even foreigners being caught up in the mess.. Good on Sony for the gesture! Oh, and good luck to London. Hope this ends soon.

  4. Christ… some people are just monsters. Sony, on the other hand, seem like the complete opposite. Good one Sony!

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