Team Ico HD Collection Trophies Leak Out

[drop2]As the world awaits the release of the HD remakes of two of the best PlayStation 2 games ever created, the full official Trophy lists have appeared, and there’s not a ‘secret’ in sight.

Be warned, they contain massive story spoilers but those of you hungry for a couple of Platinums will be well served here, even if the time-based ones for Ico are a little bit tight (you won’t be doing it in under 2 hours on your first go) and the majority of the ones for Shadow are a little, er, obvious.  But yeah – don’t read any further down if you’ve not already played these…


We can’t wait to get our hands on these again.



Rescue Yorda

Finish watching the demo scene confronting the Queen at the front gate stage


Armed and Ready
Acquire Sword

East Gate
Open East Gate

West Gate
Open West Gate

Finish watching farewell demo with Yorda at the front gate stage


Royal Arms
Acquire Queen’s Sword

Clear the game

Split the Watermelon
Bring the watermelon to Yorda upon completing 2nd time through

Spiked Club
Acquire spiked club

Shining Sword
Acquire shining sword

Bench Warmer
Save at all save points

Express Journey
Beat the game within 4 hours

Castle Guide
Beat the game within 2 hours

Unscathed Escape
Clear the game without viewing a game over screen


Acquire all trophies

Shadow Of The Colossus


Valley Wanderer
Defeat 1st Colossus

The Sloth
Defeat 2nd Colossus

Disturbed Sleep
Defeat 3rd Colossus

Path of Gravestones
Defeat 4th Colossus

Aerial Dance
Defeat 5th Colossus

Entombed Giant
Defeat 6th Colossus

Waves of Thunder
Defeat 7th Colossus

Wall Scaler
Defeat 8th Colossus

Slumbering Caveman
Defeat 9th Colossus

Unknown Tracks
Defeat 10th Colossus

Guardian Unleashed
Defeat 11th Colossus

Silent Thunder
Defeat 12th Colossus

Signs in the Sky
Defeat 13th Colossus

Shielded Colossus
Defeat 14th Colossus

Valley of the Fallen
Defeat 15th Colossus

Final Colossus
Defeat 16th Colossus

Hang Glider
Hang onto the hawk for more than 30 seconds

Slippery Ride
Hang onto the fish for over 30 seconds


The Forbidden
Clear the game in normal difficulty

Wander and the Forbidden
Clear the game in hard difficulty

Endure being sucked into the light for over 1 minute in the ending

Acquire all items available in normal time attack

Agro Circus
Perform all stunt riding using Agro

Tower of Prayer
Save at all save points


Reached the top of the shrine

Meticulous Collector
Acquire all items available in hard time attack

Acquired all fruits in the world

Endangered Lizards
Killed all shining lizards

Stalwart Wander
Max out HP bar

Mighty Wander
Max out stamina bar


Wander and the Colossus
Acquired all Trophies

You can read our hands on with Shadow here.

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  1. Damn my OCD, the 2 hour playthrough is gonna be annoying. Although I guess you can save whenever….not like Dead Space 2 on Hardcore, grrh!

    • Man, i suppose anything seems easy after the Braid one. :)

  2. Cool. Saw these last night on another site. Can’t wait for them.

  3. Excellent although i hope people will take their time and enjoy every moment of Ico.

  4. Noticed Skibadee had put these up in the trophy department. It’ll be fun picking some of these up and maybe going for the platinums but most of all, I’m just looking forward to experiencing these two top-tier titles again in HD.

  5. will these be purchaseable on the Store??

    • Not sure this has been announced but would imagine so as HD remakes such as GOW and Splinter Cell have

  6. Really looking forward to playing through these, I’m glad the trophies looks to give some extra spice and challenge to the games (only looked at the SotC ones).
    Will probably try to plat both, cannot wait.

  7. did all of these before, I can do all of them again

  8. Some of the easiest trophies I’ve seen, most of them just take time, climber could be a pain in the arse for some, these games are not about the trophies though and should not be considered as such. I reckon.

    • Same here. If ever there were titles that could leave trophies out altogether it would be these. I’d like to see an option where I could switch them off from any sort of visual or audible interruption. Wishful thinking, I know.

  9. So glad I’m not bothered about trophies. Would much rather just enjoy the experience without them ;)….(got me a big ol’ spoon!)

  10. I’m all for trophies (level 19 at the moment) but I can’t help but notice these particular ones will significantly change how I play the games. Especially in ICO, I don’t want to be forced to blitz through a game which is devoted to exploration and mystery.

    • I hope it’s not as you say, that people who’re new to these games will peek at the trophy-lists beforehand and play according to them, would definitely spoil what makes these games great.

      I’m all for trophies though, and will try to collect all during the inevitable second and third playthrough.

    • how long would it take a regular player to plod through and do everything? shamefully never got round to these.

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