Want To See Child Of Eden On PS3?

Ubisoft have just fired over this brand new video of Child of Eden – this time it’s the PS3 version, which is out at the end of September.

You’ll see creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi waving his Move around, which looks like it matches the responsiveness of the Kinect version nicely.

And yes, that’s him wearing some fancy 3D glasses.

We rated the Xbox 360 version of the game a fantastic 9/10.


  1. Too short, I completed in one day of demoing it at work. I’d still quite like to get it but not until it’s dirt cheap.

    • £15 from Play with free TShirt?

      • Ordered it, instantly breaking my “Play.com boycott” from yesterday.

        See? We’re fickle people, really.

    • £14.85 at zavvi. That’s quite cheap, no?

    • Hmmm that is quite cheap. I can get staff discount on it but I don’t know what the highstreet prices are (probably too much even with discount). As for the T-Shirt I already have it. There are a couple of other problems: CoD, BF3, UC3, B:AC…gotta save the pennies for those bad-boys!

  2. Cool, glad to see it just needs one Move controller to play.

  3. really really want to get my hands on this. i’ll feel like i’m missing out a bit without the 3D or move but hey ho still something a bit out there and special

  4. This would be more tempting at a price of £7.99 and a digital game.

  5. Looking forward to this, will be playing at a mates house with 3D on, really looking forward to it.

  6. I can imagine a game like this working really well in 3D.

    • Almost the perfect example to use for 3D – the game is pure eye-candy. Also, that Play.com price gets ever more attractive, dammit!

  7. Looks good, but shame it’s so short.

  8. £15 and with confirmed 3D support?

    SOLD! (again)

  9. Looks just as good as the Kinect version, which I am more than happy to hear. I’m glad I didn’t get round to selling my PlayStation Move afterall. :P

    Looks like I’m pre-ordering this bad boy from Play.com. £15 and with a T-Shirt? Yes please!

  10. This is only the third game this year I’ve preordered. Cannot wait!!!

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