What We Played #13

Wind ups and practical jokes are not uncommon here in The Towers.  As such you have to try and stay fairly sharp and on the look out at all times.  When I wander around from floor to floor asking what everyone has been playing, daft comments intended to trip me up are not unusual.

Take for example recent accounts that some of the staff have been playing Duke Nukem Forever.  That mythical game’s the very definition of vapourware, destined never to see the inside of PC or console, so there was no way I was falling for that ruse.

[videoyoutube]This week when I asked Tuffcub what he’d been up to, which is not something anyone close-minded should try, I was pretty certain I was being set up for some kind of joke when he said that he and his sock puppet Kitteh had been watching a Blu-ray movie called Rubber.  Immediately my mind began to wonder how many Xs must feature in the rating, but then he proceeded to describe the film; “[it’s] about a killer car tyre that can make heads explode”.


Erm, quite.  Being the ever-diligent researcher though I fired up IMDB fully expecting to draw a blank.  Imagine my surprise when I found out the film actually does exist.  Here’s IMDB’s description:

When Robert, a tire, discovers his destructive telepathic powers, he soon sets his sights on a desert town; in particular, a mysterious woman becomes his obsession.

Apart from watching films that are nuttier than squirrel droppings the lucky blighter has managed to score TSA’s review of a certain game featuring human augmentation and set in a not-too-distant future that’s strikingly reminiscent of Blade Runner.  Being laid up in bed with a bad back he probably wishes that that human augmentation would hurry up and arrive.

Someone else enjoying films on their PS3 this past week, this time to the complete exclusion of games, is Chris.  Other than performing a pre-emptive strike in anticipation of weekend gaming by updating the firmware, his PS3 has done nothing but spin up a copy of Donnie Darko.  Such a brilliant choice of film I think we can let him off not playing any games this week.

It took a little bit of goading but for only the second time in thirteen attempts I managed to get Peter to admit he plays games too.  As TSA’s Ed he is used to wielding immense, god-like powers for real and this week he’s been doing the same in-game to review From Dust which despite “one or two flaws” has become “one of [his] personal favourite downloadable games this year”.

[drop]When we caught him flailing his arms around in front of the TV we first thought he had simply succumb to apoplectic rage at another news report blaming the ills of the world on video games.  Instead it was something far worse; he was playing Fruit Ninja Kinect.  He claimed he really enjoyed it and that the reason it was on so much is because his wife, not him, at gotten insanely competitive about it.  We know the truth though.  He’s run out of patience waiting for MGS: Rising and was desperate to practice his melon slicing skills.

Either that or it was an unsuccessful attempt to distract me from the fact that he’s been playing a certain super-secret iPhone game that he’s absolutely, definitely not allowed to talk about as it’s under a super-secret NDA.  An NDA that includes a clause allowing the two tyrannical developers responsible to “break my legs or something”.  The subsequent enforced convalescence period would have to take place in a closed environment under the steely gaze of a ‘friendly’ guard-husky.  Obviously we cannot reveal the game or the developers involved.

The elusive Jen popped briefly into The Towers in an attempt to grab a biscuit and run but being sufficiently watchful I was able to intercept her to find out what she’s been playing.  As she scampered back out the door I could have sworn she said she’d been playing outside and getting dirty.  Obviously though what she actually said was that she’d “been outside a lot so only played a bit of DiRT 3”.

Also seemingly stuck in a one-game rut is Toby.  He’s been persevering with Crysis 2 and is starting to enjoy it more.  This week though he’s set aside the single player campaign and has ventured into the “initially ruthless” multiplayer.  After adapting to Crysis’ style of gameplay he’s found it “a fun and unique diversion away from the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield.  In addition, the nanosuit is really well integrated into the online modes, so nothing feels particularly overpowered or unfair.”

[drop2]Blair claimed to have had a busy week which had made him miss out on most of his gaming time.  “Missing out” on gaming meant he only played Cut the Rope: Experiments, Groove Coaster, Cover Orange “and many other iPhone games” in addition to trying to play BioShock and hammering out some choons on Rock Band 3.

It was a case of trying to play BioShock on his PC because he had to tolerate “lots of crashing” just to get to Rapture (the underwater city, not the anti-climatic supposed rising to Heaven).  He thought the water effects and lighthouse were very impressive compared to the console graphics but yet another crash while in the bathysphere saw the game abandoned.

He “also played Rock Band 3 with friends” which is an odd thing to do as most of the rest of us find it easier to play using the provided plastic instruments.  Guess he must have bought the ‘solus’ pack.  “Every time I play it, I think back to my review and realise it’s completely justified: it really is the best rhythm game ever and it’s such a laugh when you have people round.”

Our dedicated über-newshound Dan has had a rough, gaming-free week due to some unwelcome news:

I lost my job, so have been spending most of my spare time writing CVs and looking for ways to make money.  I will remove my clothes for money.

Some of us staff and the odd ex-staffer are busy working on ideas to raise funds for a counter offer.  We’d much rather he got into the habit of keeping his clothes on and are hoping we can come up with sufficient fiscal encouragement.

What have you played this week?



  1. What happened to the jar? If it’s gone then that is all my planning wasted then.Not that i am planning to take over the jar.

    I have been playing Fallout New vegas and trying to create my own level in LBP2. Apart from that, i have been reading whislt listening to the FF soundtrack. :)

  2. More EDF:IA and Tiger Woods for me this week. Picked up Galaga Legions DX and Gatling Gears from the PSN store on wednesday, Galaga is fun, I’ve not played Gatling Gears yet (I tried the demo when it came out a few weeks ago).

  3. Bought gran turismo for my psp but thats it as im on holiday atm. Next week will be a bigger list though.

  4. Rubber was good, though quite niche I’d imagine, due to the sheer craziness of it.

    Been playing some Mafia 2 this week, as well as Cut the Rope on the train home.

    Hope you get a job sorted out soon Dan!

  5. Good luck with stuff, Dan. Hope fresh work comes along quickly enough to remain clothed. :-)

  6. I watched that Rubber movie too.. can’t believe i watched it to the end.. :O
    This week, i jumped back into NFSHP and my usual dips into psn games.

  7. I’ve played nothing. :P

  8. Been on MotorStorm Apoc, F1 2010 in what will appear a futile attempt to grind for the Nifty Fifty trophy as the online standard of racing in general is abysmal and Williams Pinball Classics which brings out all I love and hate in pinball at the same time with its rather evil credit based system for unlocking and playing machines. Add in Nat Geo Challenge, Hyperdimension Neptunia and Trauma and I’ve been a busy bee!

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